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  • European Update for US Managers

    Submitted: 14 November 2018

    Materials from our European Update for US Managers, hosted with Bloomberg, are now available.

  • Breakfast briefing: Buildings and operational liabilities - are you covered?

    Submitted: 13 November 2018

    Our November breakfast briefing looked at the operational responsibilities and associated liabilities of those parties who let, finance and manage real estate.

  • Mining Masterclass: A focus on Southern Africa

    Submitted: 01 November 2018

    The presentations from the Mining Masterclass focused on Sothern Africa (in particular South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe).

  • Hong Kong CPD day 2018

    Submitted: 24 October 2018

    Materials from each of the sessions from our Hong Kong CPD day are now available.

  • Performance Bonds and Parent Company Guarantees – what is the market position in the aftermath of Carillion?

    Submitted: 19 October 2018

    At our breakfast seminar on the 27 September, Construction Partner Richard Dyton and Associate Yeji Lee discussed the current unstable and uncertain climate and the attitude towards 'on demand' or on default bonds in the aftermath of Carillion.

  • Predicting the Future of Cryptoassets

    Submitted: 17 October 2018

    In this session an industry leading panel discussed the rapid development of crypto funds and exchanges over the past few years, the challenges associated in establishing these funds and the opportunities they present.

  • Labour laws in Hong Kong and the PRC: What do employers most need to know?

    Submitted: 17 October 2018

    This session provided an alert on a number of key points which are relevant for employers to note arising under labour laws of (respectively) mainland PRC and Hong Kong. (NB: The session was aimed at persons who do not regularly work in the area of employment law.) The PRC section, delivered by our two Shanghai-based employment partners, covered items such as: how to create protection from the actions of a recalcitrant employee; difficulties in effecting dismissals; and requirements of local law as to contracts for both Chinese and foreign nationals. The Hong Kong speakers’ topics included: rights of buy-out; case law relating to bonus claims; good practice in dealing with harassment grievances and claims; and, again, use of covenants to protect employers’ interests.

  • Sustainable Financing and Green Bonds

    Submitted: 17 October 2018

    This session discussed the increasing popularity of sustainable financing opportunities and solutions. It examined some of the well-established green bond structures, the market and key legal updates.

  • The Next Industrial Revolution and the Law

    Submitted: 17 October 2018

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a core component of the next industrial revolution. Its influence on the transformation in the world of financial services is increasing at a considerable pace. This session discussed the emergence of AI and the legal issues it raises, relating to areas such as liability and causation, IP, discrimination and the challenges that Big Data pose to privacy and data protection.

  • Allocating to China - an overview of China’s asset management market

    Submitted: 17 October 2018

    This session covered a number of topics including an overview on China’s fund industry with a focus on private fund regimes, a brief description of the many cross border schemes (PFM/QDLP/MRF/QFII/Stock Connect/Bond Connect/CIBM etc.) available to foreign asset managers and their main advantages and disadvantages, as well as an analysis of China-related risks in fund operation and investment.

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