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  • Appointment of receiver prevents group relief


    Veröffentlicht: 13 February 2019

    The appointment of a receiver over the property and business of a company prevented that company surrendering losses by way of group relief to other companies formerly within a group with it.

  • Bank Crisis Management and Resolution


    Zuletzt geprüft: 31 December 2018 / Veröffentlicht: 12 August 2014

    An overview of the proposed global measures for bank crisis management and resolution.

  • Clarifications on the scope of the principle of non-liability of creditors by reason of the facilities granted applicable in French insolvency proceedings


    Veröffentlicht: 07 November 2018

    The French Supreme Court, by several judgments rendered in 2018, clarified the scope of the principle of non-liability of creditors by reason of the facilities granted applicable where French insolvency proceedings are opened.

  • Précisions jurisprudentielles sur les contours du principe de non-responsabilité des créanciers du fait de leurs concours


    Veröffentlicht: 06 November 2018

    Par plusieurs arrêts rendus au cours de l’année 2018, la Cour de cassation est venue préciser les contours du principe de non responsabilité des créanciers du fait des concours consentis applicable en procédure collective.

  • Autumn Legal Update 2018


    Veröffentlicht: 09 October 2018

    The materials from our fourteenth Autumn Legal Update are now available.

  • Increased focus of tax authorities on transfer pricing valuation


    Veröffentlicht: 08 August 2018

    ​Clive Jie-A-Joen, Liu Lu and Fan Bai examine recent TP developments that are relevant for the arm's-length pricing of transactions of intangibles and other items of value between group entities resulting from business restructuring. Each of these developments is specific and can be useful considering the specific facts and circumstances of the case at hand.

  • Government consultation on corporate governance and insolvency


    Veröffentlicht: 25 April 2018

    An overview of the Government's proposals to improve corporate governance in firms in or approaching insolvency.

  • Rescue financing: first blood?


    Veröffentlicht: 14 November 2017

    On 08 November 2017, the Singapore High Court issued its judgment in Re Attilan Group Ltd [2017] SGHC 283. This is the first reported judgment by a Singapore Court on the rescue finance provisions introduced pursuant to the 2017 debt restructuring amendments to the Singapore Companies Act. We discuss three key takeaways from that judgment.

  • Ontbijtseminar Actualiteiten Ondernemingsrecht


    Veröffentlicht: 02 October 2017

    Tijdens de bijeenkomst werd ingegaan op enkele recente ontwikkelingen binnen het ondernemingsrecht relevant voor de ondernemingsrechtelijke praktijk, waaronder die van de fusies en overnames. Aan bod kwamen onder andere de rol van bestuurders en commissarissen en aansprakelijkheden.

  • Limits on the availability of a statutory moratorium on administration


    Veröffentlicht: 01 September 2017

    The Court of Appeal has considered circumstances in which filing a notice of intention to appoint administrators did not give rise to the interim moratorium normally available under the Insolvency Act 1986 (JCAM Commercial Real Estate Property XV Limited v Davis Haulage Limited).

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