Anti-competitive agreements


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  • Belgian Competition Authority joins battle against anti-competitive vertical restraints


    Submitted: 11 May 2017

    Belgian Competition Authority fines yeast supplier €5.5m for resale price maintenance, exclusive customer allocation, long-term non-compete obligations and abusive exclusionary practices.

  • Update on competition damages claims

    Conference Call

    Submitted: 10 May 2017

    Experts from the Simmons & Simmons Antitrust Litigation Group across Europe provide an update on this fast moving area, with particular reference to implementation of the EU Damages Directive in the main jurisdictions and the status of “opt-out” class action claims and legislative proposals.

  • Insurance Block Exemption Regulation expired - what now?


    Submitted: 18 April 2017

    The Insurance Block Exemption Regulation exempted specific types of cooperation in the insurance sector from the scope of Article 101 TFEU. On 31 March 2017, the Regulation expired and the Commission will not renew it.

  • European Commission launches anonymous tool for whistleblowers


    Submitted: 29 March 2017

    ​The new tool allows individuals to provide the European Commission with information on antitrust violations while maintaining their anonymity.

  • Most Favoured Nation clauses in an online context


    Submitted: 05 January 2017

    ​In a decision of 07 November 2016, the Belgian Competition Authority has closed its investigation against real estate website operator Immoweb regarding the “Most Favoured Nation” clauses in its contracts with developers of software for real estate agencies.

  • Court of Justice confirms that licensors can continue claiming royalties in the event of revocation or non-infringement


    Submitted: 19 October 2016

    Article 101(1) TFEU does not preclude a licensor from continuing to claim royalties from a licensee under a licence agreement in the event of the revocation or non-infringement of the licensed patent, provided that the licensee is freely able to terminate the agreement by giving reasonable notice.

  • When does lobbying become a cartel?


    Submitted: 01 August 2016

    ​The Brussels Court of Appeal has annulled a decision by the Belgian Competition Authority which had established the existence of an anti-competitive agreement between cement groups.

  • CAT awards £68.6m in damages to Sainsbury in MasterCard damages action


    Submitted: 19 July 2016

    On 14 July 2016, the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) awarded Sainsbury £68.6m plus interest in damages in the first major final ruling on an antitrust damages action, which raises interesting legal and practical issues.

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