Asset Management

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  • Guide to real estate laws in the Middle East Restricted access


    Submitted: 14 May 2014

    This jurisdictional guide is intended to act as a brief summary of the key considerations that real estate professionals may need to know in order to make informed decisions at an early stage in a transaction.

  • Fund raising in the Middle East: opportunities for asset managers Restricted access


    Last Reviewed: 02 September 2013 / Submitted: 02 September 2013

    This seminar explores the potential opportunities and challenges for asset managers in marketing and fund-raising within the GCC.

  • Opportunities for rail businesses in the Middle East: The GCC railway project Restricted access


    Submitted: 01 September 2013

    This article introduces the potential opportunities in the new rail network in the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) member states.

  • Unlocking a Gateway to the Middle East Restricted access


    Submitted: 03 July 2013

    Materials from a seminar held on 03 July 2013 exploring,with representatives from the Dubai International Financial Centre, business opportunities in the Middle East for asset managers.

  • Proposed Saudi Arabian mortgage laws unlocking the Shariah conundrum Restricted access


    Submitted: 22 February 2012

    Ahmed Butt discusses the proposed Saudi mortgage laws, related Shariah compliance issues and the potential effects on the housing market.

  • Saudi Arabia update Restricted access


    Submitted: 06 October 2011

    Tim Field and Muneer Khan give an introduction to our new alliance in Saudi Arabia and to doing business in this key Middle Eastern market, including a review of the fast developing financial sector and a look at opportunities in the local Islamic finance and asset management sectors.

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