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  • Capital Raising in the GCC Restricted access


    Submitted: 07 March 2013

    Training materials from a joint seminar on 28 February hosted by the Middle East Association and Simmons & Simmons, exploring recent changes to regulation and market practice in the area of fund raising in the GCC.

  • VAT and management of pension funds Restricted access


    Submitted: 07 March 2013

    The ECJ has held that an investment fund pooling the assets of a retirement pension scheme is not a special investment scheme for VAT exemption purposes where the members of the scheme do not bear the risk arising from the management of the fund.

  • Episode 303: AIFMD for non-EU hedge fund managers

    Video Podcast

    Submitted: 06 March 2013

    Simmons & Simmons partners Sarah Bowles and Steven Whittaker discuss issues for US hedge fund managers arising from the AIFMD.

  • Countdown to EMIR - obligations applicable from 15 March 2013 Restricted access


    Last Reviewed: 02 October 2013 / Submitted: 05 March 2013

    Summary of obligations under EMIR which came into force on 15 March 2013.

  • Oversight March 2013 - key points for Hong Kong and other Asian hedge fund managers about AIFMD Restricted access


    Last Reviewed: 05 June 2013 / Submitted: 04 March 2013

    This Oversight looks at the key points a Hong Kong or an Asian hedge fund manager needs to know about AIFMD from 22 July 2013.

  • ESMA’s final guidelines on remuneration under AIFMD Restricted access

    Conference Call

    Submitted: 27 February 2013

    Recording of a conference call, held on 21 February, providing an overview of the main points arising from ESMA’s recent guidelines on the remuneration of Alternative Investment Fund Managers under the AIFMD.

  • Simple bare necessity: the test for implication of terms revisited Restricted access


    Submitted: 25 February 2013

    The Court of Appeal confirms the reluctance of the courts to imply provision for a situation that is not expressly addressed by the terms of a contract.

  • SOCIMI: the new Spanish REIT Restricted access


    Submitted: 22 February 2013

    The Spanish real estate investment trusts regime, primarily designed to promote investment in Spain's rental sector, has recently undergone some significant improvements, making a SOCIMI an increasingly attractive vehicle for both resident and non resident investors.

  • Episode 298: Trading electronique

    Video Podcast

    Submitted: 22 February 2013

    Maureen Gleeson et Stephanie Feld , Solicitors chez Simmons & Simmons, discutent du projet consultatif de la SFC sur le trading electronique a Hong Kong.

  • Episode 297: Electronic Trading

    Video Podcast

    Submitted: 21 February 2013

    Simmons & Simmons associate Stephanie Feld talks to colleague Maureen Gleeson about electronic trading and high frequency trading in Hong Kong.

501 to 510 of 1199