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  • Decennial Liability in Key Jurisdictions across the Middle East Restricted access


    Submitted: 14 May 2014

    This article provides a summary of decennial liability provisions in key jurisdictions across the Middle East.

  • Qatar Construction Toolkit: Decennial Liability Restricted access


    Submitted: 13 May 2014

    Decennial liability is an important mandatory provision of Qatar law affecting architects, engineers and contractors. It cannot be waived, assigned, limited or excluded.

  • Qatar Construction Toolkit: Payment Restricted access


    Submitted: 28 April 2014

    Construction companies contracting under Qatar law should ensure that they are aware of the ways in which Qatar law deals with payment issues.

  • Qatar introduces new real estate development law Restricted access


    Submitted: 14 April 2014

    Article relating to the issuance of Law No (6) of 2014 governing the developing and financing of real estate developments where units in such developments are sold off plan prior to the completion of construction.

  • Qatar Construction Toolkit: Limitation periods for contract claims Restricted access


    Submitted: 09 April 2014

    It is important that parties to a contract are aware of the period within which they are entitled to commence proceedings.

  • Branch offices in Qatar Restricted access


    Submitted: 07 April 2014

    This article provides an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of setting up a branch office in Qatar as opposed to setting up a local branch. It outlines the benefits for foreign investors as well as the tax considerations.

  • Qatar Construction Toolkit: Tender Laws Restricted access


    Submitted: 25 March 2014

    Prospective tenderers for public works in Qatar need to ensure that they are aware of the law regulating the tender process.

  • Qatar Construction Toolkit: Promissory Contracts Restricted access


    Submitted: 17 March 2014

    This article identifies how Promissory Contracts such as memoranda of understanding, letters of intent or heads of terms may be enforceable under Qatar law.

  • Qatar Construction Toolkit Restricted access


    Last Reviewed: 13 May 2014 / Submitted: 05 March 2014

    This toolkit is made up of a back-to-basics series of brief articles on some of the key legal issues that affect the construction industry in Qatar.

  • Qatar Construction Toolkit: Mandatory Provisions Affecting Construction Projects Restricted access


    Submitted: 05 March 2014

    This article highlights some of the key mandatory provisions under Qatar law that will affect construction projects. It contrasts those provisions with the common law.

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