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  • An Introduction to Nanotechnology for the Insurer – an Emerging Liability Risk


    Submitted: 02 July 2014

    The emerging nanotech market carries with it potential long-term risks as well as huge possibilities; a concern for insurers?

  • My clients are consumers: how to get it right Restricted access


    Submitted: 08 May 2014

    The consumer regulatory landscape in the UK, and across the EU more generally, is changing. This update looks at what the changes mean for the way you do business at all stages of the customer life cycle from marketing and pre-contractual information, through to contract formation and postcontract rights and remedies. This includes a strategic litigation perspective on future proofing your business activities and on what happens if your customers or regulators don’t think you’ve got it right.

  • New judicial interpretations strengthen the protections on consumers of food and pharmaceutical products Restricted access


    Last Reviewed: 12 February 2014 / Submitted: 12 February 2014

    A new judicial interpretation issued by the PRC Supreme People's Court strengthened the protections on consumers of food and pharmaceutical products.

  • Certification and standardisation processes under scrutiny in France


    Submitted: 31 January 2014

    The French Competition Authority has launched an investigation into certification and standardisation processes in order to identify any adverse effects on competition.

  • New developments to the Chinese Consumer Protection Law Restricted access


    Submitted: 03 December 2013

    Wide ranging changes to consumer protection laws in China come into force in March 2014, affecting businesses selling goods and services to consumers in China.

  • Episode 344: Regulation of smartphone healthcare apps

    Video Podcast

    Submitted: 15 August 2013

    Simmons & Simmons Managing Associate Lawrence Brown and Supervising Associate Paolo Caldato discuss some of the issues arising in the cutting-edge field of smartphone healthcare apps.

  • How to win on social media: intellectual property Restricted access


    Submitted: 10 May 2012

    In this short video Sophie Lessar and Angus McLean look at potential intellectual property risks and liabilities arising from the use of social media sites.

  • Dealing with consumers Restricted access


    Submitted: 10 May 2012

    A business dealing with consumers faces two challenges: meeting the demands of consumers in a changing marketplace and dealing with the demands of governments and regulators. This training offered the chance to hear about a broad range of topics discussing how a business needs to focus on these key issues and developments that may change the way it does business.

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