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  • Investing in start-ups Restricted access


    Submitted: 18 May 2017

    In this session we explore the issues that start-ups and investors encounter and some key challenges they need to overcome.

  • European Legal Update for US Fund Managers Restricted access


    Submitted: 24 April 2017

    Our inaugural European Legal Update offers our clients the opportunity to hear about topical issues relevant to US fund managers, with or without a European office, who operate, trade or market in Europe.

  • Tesco enters into DPA with SFO


    Submitted: 11 April 2017

    ​The UK's fourth DPA, and the first not related to bribery, has been entered into between Tesco Stores Limited and the SFO.

  • UK Listing Rules, Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rules


    Submitted: 31 March 2017

    ​An overview of recent developments.

  • Reforming the availability of information in the UK equity IPO process: FCA publishes new consultation paper


    Submitted: 22 March 2017

    ​A summary of the FCA's consultation paper on its proposals for improvements to the timing, sequencing and quality of information provided to market participants in the UK IPO process (CP17/5).

  • Transparency register - Germany


    Submitted: 16 March 2017

    ​Companies must act now. The requirements of the transparency register in Germany have been eased, but still new - and possibly unpleasant - notification obligations are expected for the summer of 2017.

  • Transparenzregister


    Submitted: 16 March 2017

    Unternehmen müssen jetzt handeln. Das Transparenzregister wurde entschärft, aber dennoch kommen neue – und ggf. unangenehme – Meldepflichten voraussichtlich ab Sommer 2017.

  • Review of the effectiveness of primary markets: FCA publishes two new papers


    Submitted: 24 February 2017

    An overview of the discussion paper (DP17/2) and the consultation paper (CP17/4) published by the FCA relating to its review of the structure of the UK’s primary markets to ensure that they continue to service the needs of issuers and investors.

  • Diversity on boards Restricted access


    Last Reviewed: 11 January 2017 / Submitted: 23 March 2012

    An overview of recent EU and UK changes designed to strengthen boardroom diversity, including the EU consultation on gender imbalance.

  • Revision of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code


    Submitted: 28 December 2016

    As of the financial year 2017, a revised version of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code will apply to Dutch listed companies. This article discusses the main differences compared to the current version of the Code.

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