Anti-money laundering


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  • Singapore introduces Deferred Prosecution Agreements


    Submitted: 28 March 2018

    As part of wider reforms, ​Singapore has introduced a framework for DPAs to resolve criminal charges against companies for specified offences.

  • Money laundering


    Submitted: 12 March 2018

  • Luxembourg’s new central ultimate beneficial owner register: the legal and practical consequences


    Submitted: 19 February 2018

    The Luxembourg Parliament is due to adopt an Act introducing a central ultimate beneficial owner register in Luxembourg (the Act), based on the EU’s Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive. The aim is for the Act to be implemented during Q1 - however, existing entities would have six months following the Act’s entry into force in which to comply with their obligations under it.

  • Key risks for Asset Managers and Financial Institutions


    Submitted: 26 January 2018

    Asterisk is an initiative that forecasts the five key risks facing asset managers and financial institutions in 2018. Asterisk is part of a wider campaign to encourage discussion around these highly topical issues and to demonstrate how we can assist our clients navigate these risks going forward. The Hong Kong office will commence a series of roundtables in the coming months to facilitate this process.

  • Introduction of the Office for Professional Body Anti-Money Laundering Supervision


    Submitted: 19 January 2018

    On 18 January 2018 a new body within the FCA was empowered to oversee the anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing regimes of 22 regulatory organisations in the legal and accountancy sectors.

  • Crime, fraud and investigations 2018: Fifth money laundering directive


    Submitted: 03 January 2018

    With implementation of 4MLD still ongoing, 2018 should see the finalisation of further changes to the EU’s anti-money laundering framework.

  • UK government unveils a new anti-corruption strategy


    Submitted: 15 December 2017

    ​The government has set out six prioities for action to tackle corruption in the UK and abroad over the next five years.

  • Newsflash Sapin II: « Last call » pour les dispositifs d’alerte professionnelle pour 2018


    Submitted: 28 November 2017

    Tout organisme privé d‘au moins cinquante salariés et certains organismes publics doivent mettre en place un dispositif d’alerte professionnelle d’ici le 1er janvier 2018 conformément à la loi n° 2016-1691 du 9 décembre 2016 (loi « Sapin II ») et au Décret n°2017-564 du 19 avril 2017. Très simple dans son principe, ce dispositif doit cependant répondre à de nombreuses exigences.

  • Newsflash Sapin II: Last call for the implementation of professional whistleblowing systems in 2018


    Submitted: 28 November 2017

    All private organizations with at least fifty employees and some public organizations must set up a professional whistleblowing system by 01 January 2018 in accordance with Law no2016-1691 dated 09 December 2016 (Sapin II Law) and Decree No. 2017-564 dated 19 April 2017. The necessary system is very simple in its principles, but there are numerous requirements.

  • The Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill


    Submitted: 21 November 2017

    A bill to give the UK Government powers currently derived from the EU, but which contains broad legislative powers that could see changes to the sanctions regime in future.

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