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  • Qatar construction toolkit - defects Restricted access


    Submitted: 22 September 2016

    This short article considers some of the more common issues concerning ongoing obligations for defects in Qatar.

  • The Law Society’s new draft guidance on privilege


    Submitted: 08 September 2016

    The draft guidance is part of Law Society's response to the growing threats posed to privilege. It is designed to remind the profession of the circumstances in which privilege is available and the importance of the need to assert it when it is proper to do so.

  • Webinar: Lessons Learned from Recent Commodities Disputes Restricted access


    Submitted: 29 August 2016

    This webinar looks at the practical lessons from recent commodity disputes covering the use and abuse of special terms in commodity contracts, the Qingdao case and PRC proceedings to stop payment on Letters of Credit.

  • Supreme Court restates the illegality defence


    Submitted: 25 August 2016

    ​The recent decision of the Supreme Court in Patel v Mirza [2016] UKSC 42 has restated the law in relation to the “illegality” defence. Illegality will no longer be an absolute bar to bringing a claim.

  • Episode 0564: Developments in arbitration in Singapore

    Video Podcast

    Submitted: 19 August 2016

    Simmons & Simmons Of Counsel Amanda Lees talks to Shaun Lee about the latest developments in arbitration in Singapore.

  • Commitment letter: Acceptance by conduct


    Submitted: 16 August 2016

    The Commercial Court in Novus Aviation Limited v Alubaf Arab International Bank BSC(c) [2016] EWHC 1575 (Comm) held that a document that had been signed by one party, but not countersigned, was still a legally binding agreement as acceptance was communicated via conduct.

  • Angola accedes to New York Convention


    Submitted: 15 August 2016

    ​Angola has become the 157th party to the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, signalling greater enforceability of international awards there.

  • Developments in arbitration in Singapore: some innovation, some catching up


    Submitted: 11 August 2016

    SIAC has introduced new Arbitration Rules which allow for the early dismissal of unmeritorious claims and the Government has proposed legislation to allow third party funding of international arbitrations seated in Singapore.

  • Disbelief in a misrepresentation will not negate inducement - Hayward v Zurich


    Submitted: 04 August 2016

    Can the settlement of a claim be unwound if fraud was always suspected and evidence of it emerged after settlement?

  • An interest(ing) case: Mortgage Express v Countrywide Surveyors


    Submitted: 04 August 2016

    ​Mortgage Express v Countrywide Surveyors [2016] EWHC1830 (Ch) is a reminder both of the Court’s approach to lenders’ claims for interest in valuers’ negligence cases, and that such claims may not be straightforward for lenders to establish.

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