Class actions


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  • Décret n° 2017-888 du 6 mai 2017 sur l’action de groupe


    Submitted: 01 June 2017

    ​L’action de groupe a fait son apparition récemment en droit français, puisqu’elle a été introduite par la Loi n° 2014-344 du 14 mars 2014.

  • Decree No 2017-888 of 06 May 2017 regarding class action


    Submitted: 31 May 2017

    ​Class action has recently made its debut in French law after it was introduced by Law number 2014-344 on 14 March 2014.

  • Update on competition damages claims

    Conference Call

    Submitted: 10 May 2017

    Experts from the Simmons & Simmons Antitrust Litigation Group across Europe provide an update on this fast moving area, with particular reference to implementation of the EU Damages Directive in the main jurisdictions and the status of “opt-out” class action claims and legislative proposals.

  • Funding mass tort claims against multinationals - Vedanta, Shell and Unilever


    Submitted: 17 March 2017

    The costs regime in England & Wales makes it an attractive forum for mass tort claims against multinationals.

  • Court declines jurisdiction over Nigerian mass tort claim


    Submitted: 06 February 2017

    ​A much awaited court decision on jurisdiction signals difficulties for claims against UK parent companies over the actions of their subsidiaries.

  • Disputes 2017: Mass tort claims


    Submitted: 09 January 2017

    A key decision is expected on whether the English courts will accept jurisdiction for claims arising from alleged mass torts in developing nations.

  • Evolution of class actions in France and the impact on the health sector


    Submitted: 13 December 2016

    What are the implications of the new 18 November 2016 law for class actions in France, and what does it mean for class actions lawsuits in health-related matters?

  • TMI総合法律事務所のニューズレター29号 Restricted access


    Submitted: 13 December 2016


  • Trends in digital health Restricted access


    Submitted: 26 May 2016

    This session explores the digital health sector as it currently stands - what digital health is, why it’s important, why investors should care, what Simmons & Simmons are seeing in the market-place and what the risks and challenges are, particularly for investors.

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