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  • Episode 486: Disputes over metals in bonded warehouses in Qingdao, China

    Video Podcast

    Submitted: 07 July 2015

    Simmons & Simmons of counsel Amanda Lees talks to colleague Jolyon Ellwood-Russell about recent disputes over metals in Qingdao, China.

  • Mega infrastructure projects in Africa


    Submitted: 03 July 2015

    Problems are often encountered in the development and construction phase of infrastructure projects which can lead to construction disputes. This webinar highlights the major problems and how best they can be managed by referring to various case studies.

  • Financial Services Alerter - June 2015 developments


    Submitted: 03 July 2015

    Issue 89 of this regular bulletin summarising significant legal and regulatory developments of relevance to the fund management and investment banking communities.

  • Evidence gathering: Part 1

    Conference Call

    Submitted: 02 July 2015

    This session discusses the practicalities of documentary evidence gathering, efficient analysis of that evidence and the expectations of the regulators.

  • Grexit - overview of legal and contractual implications


    Submitted: 25 June 2015

    This article examines the potential legal consequences for contractual obligations if Greece withdraws from the European Monetary Union (Grexit), or if the Euro were to coexist with another new national currency of Greece.​

  • Fair and effective markets review - the competition law issues


    Submitted: 22 June 2015

    Competition law forms a prime focus of the UK's Fair and Effective Market​ Review, reporting on the Fixed Income Currency and Commodities markets.

  • Privilege and the regulators


    Submitted: 18 June 2015

    A judgment has considered claims to privilege over documents exchanged between a bank and the FCA in the course of negotiating the settlement of enforcement proceedings.

  • Oversight June 2015 - Mutual recognition of funds between mainland China and Hong Kong Restricted access


    Submitted: 16 June 2015

    The SFC and the CSRC introduce the Mutual Recognition of Funds, which sets the foundation for publicly offered funds in the Mainland to be sold in Hong Kong, and vice versa.

  • Italian PPI under the joint spotlight of Bank of Italy and IVASS


    Submitted: 09 June 2015

    Following their joint survey, the Bank of Italy and IVASS (the Italian Insurance Supervisory Authority), will meet with consumers’ categories associations (representing consumer interests), insurance companies and intermediaries associations to talk about possible steps in the product design and distribution of payment protection insurance (PPI).

  • Asset Management Litigation and Regulatory Enforcement Newsletter - Edition 4


    Submitted: 09 June 2015

    Welcome to the fourth edition of our Asset Management Litigation and Regulatory Enforcement Newsletter.

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