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  • Employment Trends Europe - January 2018


    Submitted: 30 January 2018

    A summary of events affecting employment law during June to December 2017 in Belgium, England, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Spain.

  • Increase in mandatory pension contributions from 06 April 2018


    Submitted: 19 January 2018

    ​From 06 April 2018, UK employers are required to increase their minimum pension contributions for qualifying workers in defined contribution pension schemes.

  • Working Relations January 2018


    Submitted: 19 January 2018

    A review of legal and general developments during October, November and December 2017 affecting working relations in England and Wales.

  • Forcing employers on Gender Pay Reporting: closing the gap


    Submitted: 27 December 2017

    The EHRC has issued a consultation note setting out their planned approach to employers who fail to comply with the new obligations under the Gender Pay Reporting Regulations 2017.

  • Extension of SMCR: What do firms think about the draft proposals? Restricted access


    Submitted: 15 December 2017

    On our recent series of webinars we asked attendees to share their thoughts on issues arising out of the extension of the SMCR.

  • MiFID2 Directive: Implications for HR & compensation and benefits


    Submitted: 02 November 2017

    This training session is to help HR and compensation and benefits professionals at MiFID firms to understand and implement the HR and compensation/benefits rules effectively.

  • Working Relations October 2017


    Submitted: 20 October 2017

    A review of legal and general developments during July, August and September 2017 affecting working relations in England and Wales.

  • Employment law in the UK: Whistleblowing


    Submitted: 11 October 2017

    Training materials from our recent breakfast briefing in London on employment law in the UK discussing recent case law and practical considerations around whistleblowing. This session was presented by Of Counsel Audrey Williams and supervising associate Joanna Lindley.

  • Insurance Distribution Directive: final remuneration rules


    Submitted: 26 September 2017

    Changes affecting the remuneration policies and practices of Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) firms (broadly insurance firms, reinsurance firms and insurance intermediaries) which are due to take effect from 2018 Performance Year.

  • Recent changes in England & Wales


    Last Reviewed: 22 August 2017 / Submitted: 01 November 2015

    An overview of the recent changes in England & Wales in the last year.

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