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  • Agricultural AD: technical challenges and legal issues

    Conference Call

    Submitted: 21 May 2015

    ​This was the third call of our "Hot Topics Impacting Waste Management" series, focusing on the legal issues increasingly affecting the waste management sector.

  • Conservative Government - implications for renewable energy development


    Submitted: 14 May 2015

    Following the election of a majority Conservative Government renewable energy developers will be scrutinising the election Manifesto to anticipate the direction of future energy policy.

  • Restructuring and renegotiation of waste projects Restricted access

    Conference Call

    Submitted: 30 April 2015

    ​On this call Richard Dyton teamed up with expert Judy Henderson from Royal HaskoningDHV to give some technical and practical guidance on the things you should watch out for when restructuring and renegotiating waste management contracts.

  • A CfD primer Restricted access


    Submitted: 27 April 2015

    Following the results of the first CfD auction, a timely reminder on the mechanics of the new contracts for differences regime for low carbon generation.

  • South Africa Budget 2015 – Tax


    Submitted: 10 April 2015

    An overview of the main tax proposals contained in the South Africa Budget 2015 specifically relevant to the corporate sector.

  • UK Public Sector: key legal issues


    Last Reviewed: 25 February 2015 / Submitted: 25 February 2015

    This microsite provides practical information on key legal issues relevant to the UK public sector.

  • Précisions autour du nouveau débiteur de l’obligation de remise en état Restricted access


    Submitted: 15 January 2015

    Le conseil d’Etat précise les conditions dans lesquelles le propriétaire d’un terrain peut être considéré comme détenteur des déchets et ainsi responsable de leur élimination.

  • Indonesia relaxes regulation of the geothermal market


    Last Reviewed: 31 December 2014 / Submitted: 31 December 2014

    An overview of the key changes introduced by Indonesia’s new geothermal law, Law No. 21 of 2014.

  • Italy Newsletter Luglio 2014 Restricted access


    Submitted: 06 August 2014

    La newsletter italiana Simmons offre un aggiornamento sulle principali novità del mese di luglio. In questo numero, si segnalano in particolare il decreto del MEF in materia di cessione dei crediti garantiti dallo Stato, le modifiche al Regolamento e alle Istruzioni di Borsa Italiana e il provvedimento nei confronti di Google del Garante Privacy.

  • Re-modulation of the Italian feed-in tariffs granted to solar plants Restricted access


    Submitted: 09 July 2014

    By virtue of article 26 of the Law Decree no. 91 dated 24 June 2014, the Italian Government has modified the regulation of the feed-in tariff granted to solar plants.

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