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  • FinTech in trade and trade finance


    Submitted: 14 December 2016

    A look at FinTech, blockchain and smart contracts highlighting their relevance to trade finance.

  • HKMA issues white paper on distributed ledger technology


    Submitted: 16 November 2016

    The HKMA continues its programme to strengthen Hong Kong's Fintech offering with the publication of the first in a series of white papers on distributed ledger technology for the banking sector.

  • Getting the Deal Through - FinTech 2017


    Submitted: 01 November 2016

    FinTech 2017 answers the key legal and regulatory questions that arise for FinTech businesses across 14 jurisdictions.

  • ADGM issues consultation on proposed FinTech legislative framework Restricted access


    Submitted: 08 September 2016

    This article is intended to give readers a brief overview of Consultation Paper No. 3 of 2016 which relates to the introduction of a new legislative framework for the Abu Dhabi Global Market to support participants developing innovative technology within the financial services sector.

  • HKMA launch supervisory sandbox and fintech innovation hub


    Submitted: 07 September 2016

    The HKMA, as one of the lead regulators in the financial services sector in Hong Kong, yesterday made a stand against commentators who consider that development of Fintech in Hong Kong has been slow by launching two new initiatives which will be welcomed by the sector.

  • The continued success of the UK as a FinTech Hub


    Submitted: 03 August 2016

    The article looks at what has made the UK FinTech sector dominant, the legal roadblocks that stand in FinTech’s way and the motivation behind the launch of the firm's FinTech fund to support startups.

  • ADGM proposes FinTech regulatory framework Restricted access


    Submitted: 22 June 2016

    This article is intended to give readers a brief overview of a consultation on a new regulatory framework proposed for the Abu Dhabi Global Market to support the development of novel financial technology (or FinTech) innovation.

  • The DFSA signs MoU with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority


    Submitted: 20 June 2016

    Synopsis of the MoU and what it means for Dubai in relation to its ambitions as a regional hub for FinTech.

  • FinTech in Hong Kong: becoming the regional hub


    Submitted: 07 September 2015

    Hong Kong's is the ideal candidate to be a hub for FinTech development. This article considers what can be learnt from other FinTech centres and the current competition in Asia.

  • Blockchain: the future of finance or the next tech bubble?


    Submitted: 04 September 2015

    Andrew McMillan and Netanya Jackson look at the growing use and success of blockchain technology and the opportunities and implications it brings.

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