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  • FinTech, Licensing & Cloud Computing Restricted access


    Submitted: 19 December 2017

    Innovations such as FinTech and Cloud Computing are disrupting the financial sector and have far-reaching implications on regulation and supervisory practice. Access the training materials from our recent breakfast briefing.

  • Regulating FinTech: Singapore’s Payment Services Bill


    Submitted: 11 December 2017

    MAS is looking to update and streamline payment services regulations to include virtual currency services and other innovations.

  • Five top tips for a successful Asian crypto-fund launch


    Submitted: 07 December 2017

    What a prospective fund manager should think about when launching a crypto currency or digital assets fund in Hong Kong or Singapore.

  • Simmons & Simmons FinTech Fund


    Submitted: 21 November 2017

    The Simmons & Simmons FinTech Fund was launched in May 2016 and is the first fund of its kind designed to help early stage FinTech businesses solve some of the difficult legal problems they often encounter at the infancy of their businesses. This training page provides the opportunity to hear from the founders of the exciting startups supported through the fund.

  • ESMA & BaFin critical on ICOs


    Submitted: 16 November 2017

    Recent statements by ESMA and BaFin stress the high risks associated with ICOs. Investors should be aware of the total loss risk and that investor protection measures might not apply because ICOs often are not subject to existing rules and regulations.

  • Extending the Senior Managers & Certification Regime: our response to the Consultation Paper


    Submitted: 10 November 2017

    We highlight the key points set out in our response to Consultation Paper (CP17/25) on the extension of the Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SMCR) to all FCA solo-regulated firms.

  • Autumn Legal Business Update 2017 Restricted access


    Last Reviewed: 24 October 2017 / Submitted: 22 September 2017

    Learn about a broad range of topical issues relevant to financial institutions, asset managers and investment funds, from lawyers across many disciplines.

  • Effective FinTech Joint Ventures and Consortia Restricted access


    Last Reviewed: 24 October 2017 / Submitted: 11 October 2017

    Navigating the key legal and practical issues involved in structuring and managing effective FinTech joint ventures and consortia projects.

  • Alternative Data Restricted access


    Last Reviewed: 24 October 2017 / Submitted: 11 October 2017

    This session addresses the key legal and compliance issues regarding the use of alternative data, including IP, data privacy, regulatory and criminal risks.

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