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  • Brexit


    Last Reviewed: 20 July 2017 / Submitted: 16 June 2016

    The legal consequences of the UK exiting from the EU: what should businesses be considering?

  • Interpretation of law post-Brexit

    Blog Post

    Submitted: 14 July 2017

    The publication of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill and the UK Government’s position paper on ongoing EU proceedings sheds some light on how the UK courts will approach interpreting EU legislation retained in the UK post-Brexit, but questions and difficulties remain.

  • Towards transition: Brexit & the EU

    Blog Post

    Submitted: 13 July 2017

    This week, we hosted an event at our London office (and simultaneously live-streamed for those unable to join in person), on the topic of business transition in the context of Brexit and the EU.

  • Licence agreements: exclusive jurisdiction clauses, payment of royalties and restitution of milestone payments Restricted access


    Submitted: 12 July 2017

    The High Court has recently provided two interesting decisions on (respectively) jurisdiction and interpretation in the context of licence agreements.

  • UK approves provisional application of the UPC


    Submitted: 11 July 2017

    The UK has deposited with the EU Council the document required to apply the Protocol to the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court (UPC) on provisional application​.

  • Brexit: Rule Brittania

    Blog Post

    Submitted: 11 July 2017

    Two Law Lords have recently entered the public arena on Brexit, highlighting the opportunities and challenges which Brexit brings.

  • Podcast 607: Business protection: Cybersecurity

    Video Podcast

    Submitted: 05 July 2017

    Philip Bartlett and Robert Allen discuss the importance of cybersecurity in the protection of key business assets.

  • Case summary: Chugai Pharmaceutical Co v UCB Pharma SA Restricted access


    Submitted: 30 June 2017

    The Patents Court held that the act of state doctrine (which requires the English courts to refrain from adjudicating upon issues relating to the sovereign acts of a foreign state) did not apply to a contractual dispute about the payment of royalties under a patent licence in respect of a US patent where the patent's validity was not in issue and the patent licence contained an English exclusive jurisdiction clause​.

  • UK takes the final legislative step needed to ratify the UPC


    Submitted: 27 June 2017

    The draft Statutory Instrument, the Order on Privileges and Immunities, which needs to be passed before UK ratification of the Unified Patents Court (UPC) can take place, was laid before Parliament on 26 June 2017.​

  • CJEU considers The Pirate Bay is infringing copyright and should be blocked


    Submitted: 26 June 2017

    The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has considered that the notorious BitTorrent site, The Pirate Bay, is liable for directly infringing copyright by communicating works to the public and should be blocked in the Netherlands.

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