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  • BaFin concludes investigation into closet indexing funds Restricted access


    Submitted: 29 December 2016

    ​The German regulator has concluded its investigation into actively managed funds that effectively only appear to track a benchmark index and has started a public consultation process on information that should be included in the fund documentation.

  • UK Takeover Code - checklists and forms now required


    Submitted: 20 December 2016

    ​​The Takeover Panel has published for the first time a set of checklists and supplementary forms that must be completed and sent to the Executive when publishing certain announcements and documents to be sent to shareholders/optionholders in the offeree company.

  • BaFin postpones decision on ban sales of credit-linked notes Restricted access


    Submitted: 16 December 2016

    ​In an immediate response to the proposed ban of the sale of credit-linked notes to retail clients set out in a consultation paper of the BaFin key German finance market associations have published “self-binding principles” for the issuance of such products to address. As a reaction to the self-restriction of the main market participants, BaFin has postponed the proposed prohibition by at least a half year.

  • TMI総合法律事務所のニューズレター29号


    Submitted: 13 December 2016


  • Reform of the UK’s substantial shareholdings exemption


    Submitted: 09 December 2016

    The Government has released details of reforms to the substantial shareholdings exemption to broaden its scope and add a new wider exemption for the direct or indirect holdings of qualifying institutional investors.

  • Input VAT on MBO fees


    Submitted: 05 December 2016

    Input VAT associated with the costs of carrying out an internal management buy-out were recoverable as residual input VAT.

  • Autumn Statement 2016 - impact on UK infrastructure


    Submitted: 24 November 2016

    Juliet Reingold, Partner in our Government Group, summarises and comments on the impact of the Autumn Statement on the Infrastructure Sector.

  • The UK Government does not have the right to give notice under Article 50 TEU without authorisation by Parliament


    Submitted: 14 November 2016

    A summary of the recent ruling on exiting the European Union

  • Getting the Deal Through - FinTech 2017


    Submitted: 01 November 2016

    FinTech 2017 answers the key legal and regulatory questions that arise for FinTech businesses across 14 jurisdictions.

  • Luxembourg - reforming the law on commercial companies Restricted access


    Submitted: 28 October 2016

    ​A summary of the changes required to be made to the articles of incorporation of Luxembourg incorporated public limited liability companies (société anonyme) and private limited liability companies (société à responsabilité limitée) following the reform of the Luxmebourg law of of 10 August 1915 on commercial companies, as amended.

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