Restructuring & Insolvency


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  • Update on recent developments in German regulatory law - focus on loan funds and distribution matters


    Submitted: 04 May 2016

    We focused on specific up-to-date questions stemming from various new developments in German regulatory law.

  • Brexit: the implications for banking


    Submitted: 11 February 2016

    An overview of the possible implications for the banking sector of a UK exit from the EU.

  • When merger control applies in the context of insolvency: the concept of economic continuity


    Submitted: 18 December 2015

    ​The UK Supreme Court has confirmed that UK merger control may apply when something more than bare assets are acquired from an insolvent business.

  • The Three “Rs” - Recovery, Resolution & Recognition


    Submitted: 23 November 2015

    Courts in England and Germany have adopted similar approaches when recognising the exercise of a resolution tool by another Member State under the European Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive.

  • Lease forfeiture and tenant administration


    Submitted: 20 November 2015

    A recent high court decision considered whether the landlord of a tenant in administration should be permitted to forfeit the lease.

  • Diving into the pre-pack pool: the revised SIP 16


    Submitted: 06 November 2015

    ​In this article we consider the potential impact on pre-packaged administrations of the changes to the statement of insolvency practice 16 (SIP 16) which came into effect on 01 November 2015.

  • Italy Newsletter Ottobre 2015


    Submitted: 06 November 2015

    La newsletter italiana Simmons & Simmons offre un aggiornamento sulle principali novità normative e regolamentari pubblicate nel mese di ottobre. In questo numero si segnalano la consultazione del MEF per l'implementazione della nuova Direttiva Transparency e il decreto c.d. Patent box.

  • Italy Newsletter Agosto 2015


    Submitted: 15 September 2015

    ​La newsletter italiana di Simmons & Simmons offre un aggiornamento sulle principali novità normative e regolamentari pubblicate nel mese di agosto 2015. In questo numero, si segnalano, in particolare, le nuove misure in materia fallimentare e processuale e il decreto legislativo in materia di ADR nelle controversie dei consumatori.

  • The long arm of the (English insolvency) law


    Submitted: 02 September 2015

    On 31 July 2015, in Re MF Global (UK) Limited [2015] EWHC 2319 (Ch) the High Court drew a line at the extent to which it is prepared to give extra-territorial effect to the provisions of the Insolvency Act 1986.

  • Spanish Newsletter Julio 2015


    Submitted: 29 July 2015

    Nueva edición del Newsletter legal elaborado por la Oficina de Madrid de Simmons & Simmons.

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