Restructuring & Insolvency


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  • Disclaimer of leasehold property


    Submitted: 30 June 2017

    ​A recent case provides useful commentary on a trustee in bankruptcy’s ability to disclaim a lease.

  • Recent changes in German insolvency law endorse a new rescue culture


    Submitted: 14 June 2017

    Five years after the fundamental insolvency law reform, the German Parliament is again taking important legislative measures to further enhance the landscape for insolvency restructurings in Germany.

  • Key amendments to the debt restructuring regime in Singapore


    Submitted: 04 April 2017

    In a bid to promote Singapore as an international debt restructuring hub, the Singapore Companies Act has been amended. Some of these amendments introduce features drawn from Chapter Eleven of the United States Bankruptcy Code - for instance, the introduction of rescue financing provisions and cram down provisions for dissenting classes of creditors in Schemes of Arrangements. These amendments are expected to change the debt restructuring landscape in Singapore and will take effect soon. This article discusses some of the key amendments.

  • TMI総合法律事務所のニューズレター30号 Restricted access


    Submitted: 15 March 2017


  • Addressing issues for asset managers and financial institutions in the context of Brexit


    Submitted: 24 August 2016

    Discussion of the potential impact of Brexit on Financial Institutions and asset managers and investment funds including group structures, rationalising legal entities and moving operations, and how they will maintain access to the Single Market.

  • A review of the Corporate Insolvency Framework - a consultation on options for reform


    Submitted: 20 July 2016

    ​A review of the recent proposals made in May 2016 by The Insolvency Service in its paper entitled "A Review of the Corporate Insolvency Framework - A consultation on options for reform".

  • Webinar on German court decision on validity of contractual netting under German law


    Submitted: 04 July 2016

    This webinar provides a brief summary of the verdict, its background and reasoning. We will discuss the impact of the decision on contractual netting under other master agreements involving a German counterparty, the consequences from a regulatory capital point of view and the reaction of the German regulator.

  • Restructuring & insolvency procedures

    Cross Border Guide

    Last Reviewed: 29 June 2016 / Submitted: 11 October 2012

    This microsite provides an overview of the different restructuring and insolvency procedures currently available for companies across England & Wales, Germany and Italy.

  • German Federal Supreme Court Verdict


    Submitted: 10 June 2016

    German Federal Supreme Court verdict creates significant legal uncertainty regarding enforceability of contractual netting under German law.

  • Redrow redacted: VAT and third party consideration


    Submitted: 31 May 2016

    Gary Barnett and Nick Skerrett’s Tax Journal article considers the Supreme Court decision in Airtours that a company paying for a corporate restructuring review addressed to its major creditors was not entitled to input VAT recovery since no supply was made to the company in return for the payment.

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