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  • SEC Regulation outside the US


    Event date: 18 June 2018

    We will again be hosting SEC Regulation outside the US on 18-20 June 2018. SEC Regulation outside the US is now in its 21st year and is the only event of its kind to offer delegates a thorough understanding of the complexities and nuances of the legislative processes and how SEC practices can affect your business.

  • The Global LEI System and Other Unique Identifiers


    Last Reviewed: 31 March 2018 / Submitted: 10 February 2014

    An overview of the Global LEI System considering some of its practical implications for financial institutions and, in particular, its relationship to the reporting obligations under EMIR including Unique Transaction Identifiers and Unique Product Identifiers.

  • Cayman Islands AEOI update: March 2018


    Submitted: 29 March 2018

    The Cayman Islands Department for International Tax Cooperation has re-opened its FATCA and CRS reporting portal and announced changes to its certification and notification forms, including introducing a lower threshold of 10% for the “Controlling Person” definition.

  • OECD Model Mandatory Disclosure Rules for CRS avoidance arrangements


    Submitted: 22 March 2018

    The OECD has issued model rules to require disclosure by promotors and service providers of schemes to avoid the need for disclosures under the CRS.

  • Financial Services Alerter - February 2018 developments


    Submitted: 21 March 2018

    Issue 121 of this regular bulletin summarising significant legal and regulatory developments of relevance to the fund management and investment banking communities.

  • OECD Interim Report on the tax challenges arising from digitalisation


    Submitted: 20 March 2018

    The OECD’s Interim Report on the tax challenges of the digital economy highlights the broad disagreement amongst its members as to whether there is a need for fundamental changes to the international tax rules allocating taxing rights in relation to digitalised business models.

  • GDPR overview


    Submitted: 27 February 2018

    This session provides a general overview of the EU data protection law, with particular focus on GDPR. It is a good foundation of the key requirements of GDPR, focusing on the most important elements.

  • Insight into the Dutch approach to legal professional privilege


    Submitted: 22 February 2018

    For all the differences among the various European legal systems and between them and the US legal system, it might be interesting, useful even, to have a little peek over the fence. This newsletter gives you an insight into the Dutch approach on LPP (in the context of criminal law).

  • Seward & Kissel briefing: Annual regulatory reminders


    Submitted: 14 February 2018

    Seward & Kissel publishes its 2018 annual regulatory reminders memorandum.

  • Seward & Kissel briefing: Annual obligation to update Form ADV


    Submitted: 09 February 2018

    Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registered investment advisers with a 31 December year end must update Form ADV on or before 31 March 2018.

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