Simmons & Simmons MiFID2 Manager

  • Are you finding it challenging to follow the MiFID2 legislative process? „„
  • Do you find it difficult to track the practical steps you need to take to comply? „„
  • Do you worry about missing something or being out of line with the market?

Simmons & Simmons MiFID2 Manager is a practical tool to assist you with all of the above.

How will it help me?

The MiFID2 Manager will focus on the EU Level 1 and 2 text but will also look at local implementation/gold plating issues in the UK and other jurisdictions as local implementation takes off in 2016.

The MiFID2 Manager will provide you with key information on how a particular MiFID2/MiFIR requirement applies: „„

  • to your firm type „„
  • to particular services or activities „„
  • to particular client types

It then provides a step by step list of action points for you to consider in order to ensure compliance, and also includes features which allow you to use it as an internal checklist/project management tool.

Regular updates

Updates including legislative changes, key local implementation changes, legal certainty issues as well as practical action points will be made on a monthly basis, with updates to the previous version flagged for your convenience.


Access to the MiFID2 Manager is via subscription. Each subscription is on a group basis with an unlimited number of users. The initial one-off subscription fee is GBP10,000 and the monthly update fee is GBP1,500. The minimum subscription period is 6 months. All fees shown are exclusive of VAT.

To subscribe to the service, or if you would like a demonstration, please contact us.