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  • Real Estate breakfast briefing: The anatomy of Development Agreements Restricted access

    Submitted: 26 March 2015

    This session looked at the different types of development projects and the risks associated with them, the main planning, construction and tax considerations and the various methodologies commonly used to calculate the developer’s profit.

  • Compliance in Germany - the General Framework

    Submitted: 25 March 2015

    Germany does not provide for corporate criminal liability. As a consequence, it is board members, in-house lawyers and compliance officers who bear the legal responsibility and who will be prosecuted when things go wrong. What are the consequences of this feature of German law for the organisation of your compliance efforts in Germany?​

  • Waste management issues for investors coming into and out of the UK

    Submitted: 25 March 2015

    This was the first conference call of our Hot Topics Impacting Waste Management series. On this call Richard Dyton and Rosanna Piper-Gill teamed up with expert Stephen Smith from EY to discuss the growing market for investment in waste treatment solutions both nationally and internationally and some of the issues that need to be considered and of which potential investors should be aware.

  • Dealing with Consumers: The Consumer Rights Act Restricted access

    Submitted: 23 March 2015

    Conference call series discussing the key changes and implications of the Consumer Rights Act which received Royal Assent in March 2015, and will apply from 01 October 2015.

  • German Breakfast Briefing - The newly enacted German Insurance Investment Ordinance Restricted access

    Submitted: 23 March 2015

    Our partners Harald Glander and Pascal di Prima will provide an overview of the changes and will discuss the implications for international investment fund managers.

  • Rules for digital content/rules for goods Restricted access

    Submitted: 19 March 2015

    This was the fourth call with Jack Simmons and Sahar Bhaimia.

  • Employee bonuses and the decision of Tadjudin v Bank of America Restricted access

    Last Reviewed: 19 March 2015 / Submitted: 19 March 2015

    Topical issues surrounding employee bonuses in Hong Kong particularly in light of recent judicial developments and the impact of the long-awaited Hong Kong decision in Tadjudin v Bank of America.

  • Unfair Terms (part 2) Restricted access

    Submitted: 18 March 2015

    ​This was the third conference call with Sophie Lessar and Robert Allen.

  • Unfair Terms (part 1) Restricted access

    Submitted: 18 March 2015

    ​This was the second conference call with Sophie Lessar and Robert Allen.

  • Information flows: managing the legal risks

    Submitted: 18 March 2015

    At this session, we discussed what constitutes “right” information and we looked at examples where legal action has been taken against the board for not adequately disclosing or considering information.

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