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  • Liquidated damages

    Submitted: 24 May 2016

    This session looks at what the status of the law now is in terms of what can be recovered as liquidated damages (primarily in relation to delays to project completion), and the “ripple effect” the changes to the English approach are likely to have across the wider international construction market.

  • Employment law in the UK - Rights for Grandparents Restricted access

    Submitted: 24 May 2016

    ​This recording is of one of a series of practical telephone calls in English on hot topics in employment law.​

  • Workers representation in France, Germany, Italy and Spain Restricted access

    Submitted: 20 May 2016

    ​Audio of our conference call forming part of our hot topics in international employment law series. This session covers workers representation in France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

  • Dawn Raids: Knock at the door - are you ready? Restricted access

    Last Reviewed: 20 May 2016 / Submitted: 20 May 2016

    This seminar provides practical tips for responding to dawn raids and important information that could make a material difference in the outcome of a raid and any subsequent investigation.

  • Countdown to MAR Session 3 Restricted access

    Submitted: 19 May 2016

    The third session in the series focuses on the provisions as regards disclosure of inside information, insider lists and dealings by persons discharging managerial responsibilities.

  • The growing threat of trade-based money laundering for banks in Asia

    Last Reviewed: 19 May 2016 / Submitted: 19 May 2016

    This seminar examines some of the challenges that banks face from trade-based money laundering and explores solutions for mitigating these risks.

  • Employment law in the UK - Rights for Grandparents

    Submitted: 17 May 2016

    ​Associated materials from our employment breakfast briefing.

  • The impact of Brexit on Life Sciences companies

    Submitted: 16 May 2016

    An essential update on how Brexit would impact Life Sciences companies, with emphasis on changes to UK regulatory, intellectual property and competition law regimes.

  • Regulatory & Real Estate Breakfast Briefing - Die neuen Kreditrisikoansätze bei immobilienbesicherten Forderungen

    Submitted: 13 May 2016

    ​Dr. Stefan Schramm, Pascal di Prima und Tobias Bauerfeind beleuchteten die rechtlichen Hintergründe der Konsultationen des Basler Komitees beleuchten und sowohl die ökonomischen Konsequenzen für die aufsichtliche Kapitalunterlegung bei immobilienbesicherten Forderungen als auch die aufsichtsrechtliche Behandlung von Spezialfinanzierungen und im Besonderen von Non-Recourse-Financing darstellen.

  • Distribution in a digital age

    Submitted: 13 May 2016

    ​A recording on key issues around the distribution of digital products in the EU, the latest on the European Commission's initial findings on geo-blocking.

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