Financial Institutions

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  • Episode 402: Structuring CLOs : key issues in APAC and beyond

    Video Podcast

    Last Reviewed: 03 June 2014 / Submitted: 03 June 2014

    Simmons & Simmons partner Paul Browne talks to colleague Jason Valoti about structuring collateralised loan obligations (CLOs).

  • Episode 399: Payment services: enhanced data security and privacy

    Video Podcast

    Submitted: 21 May 2014

    Simmons & Simmons associates Sophie Lessar and Neil Westwood discuss the data protection and data security aspects of new EU payment services rules.

  • Episode 398: OTC derivatives - Impact in Asia of new regulation

    Video Podcast

    Last Reviewed: 14 May 2014 / Submitted: 14 May 2014

    Simmons & Simmons partner Joel Bentsur talks to fellow colleague Gaven Cheong about the impact in Asia of new OTC derivatives regulation from Europe and Hong Kong.

  • Episode 390: CRAR: A guide for lenders

    Video Podcast

    Submitted: 27 March 2014

    Simmons & Simmons partner Carol Hewson talks to colleague Lisa Black about the likely impact of commercial rent arrears recovery (CRAR) on lenders and their customers.

  • Episode 389: FATCA and funds

    Video Podcast

    Submitted: 26 March 2014

    Hatice Ismail talks to colleague Gary Barnett about FATCA and other recent developments in relation to international exchange of information and how they are likely to affect asset managers and their funds.

  • Episode 387: FCA guidance on AIFMD remuneration

    Video Podcast

    Submitted: 12 March 2014

    Simmons & Simmons partner Andrea Finn talks to fellow partner Sarah Bowles about the FCA’s final guidelines on remuneration rules in relation to UK alternative investment fund managers (AIFMs).

  • Episode 386: LLP tax changes in the pipeline

    Video Podcast

    Submitted: 07 March 2014

    Simmons & Simmons partner Andrea Finn talks to fellow partner Martin Shah about proposed tax changes for members of UK LLPs.

  • Episode 381: Consumer credit: countdown to 01 April 2014

    Video Podcast

    Submitted: 12 February 2014

    Sophie Lessar and Geoff Rimington discuss the run-up to the FCA assuming responsibility for regulating the UK consumer credit industry on 01 April 2014

  • Episode 375: Promoting UCIS and close substitutes to retail clients

    Video Podcast

    Submitted: 09 January 2014

    Simmons & Simmons partner Penny Miller and colleague Nick Colston discuss the ban on promoting UCIS and “closely substitutable” products to most retail clients in the UK from 01 January 2014.

  • Episode 373: RMB globalisation

    Video Podcast

    Last Reviewed: 02 January 2014 / Submitted: 02 January 2014

    Simmons & Simmons partner Yongmei Cai talks to Wang Yang about globalisation of the RMB currency.

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