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  • Framework of EU retail finance and consumer protection legislation


    Submitted: 25 August 2016

    ​A table of key EU retail finance and consumer protection laws.

  • New Commission notice on goods in transit


    Submitted: 24 August 2016

    New Commission notice on Customs detainment of infringing goods in transit indicates detentions and notifications are likely to rise.

  • The continued success of the UK as a FinTech Hub


    Submitted: 03 August 2016

    The article looks at what has made the UK FinTech sector dominant, the legal roadblocks that stand in FinTech’s way and the motivation behind the launch of the firm's FinTech fund to support startups.

  • TMT Regulatory Roundup - June 2016 Restricted access


    Submitted: 27 July 2016

    The TMT Regulatory Roundup provides a monthly summary of key telecoms related regulatory and legislative developments across the UK and the EU.

  • What can exclusive licensees of design rights do?


    Submitted: 19 July 2016

    The Court of Justice has clarified what exclusive Registered Community Design right licensees are able to do.​

  • Brexit: the implications for financial crime and investigations


    Submitted: 18 July 2016

    What are the implications for financial crime and investigations arising from Brexit?

  • Pros and cons for battery storage


    Submitted: 07 July 2016

    With fuel sales out of fashion, battery storage has now become the Holy Grail for the Renewables sector. However, it has been the "late comer" following behind solar, wind and hydro, when it should have been promoted in parallel to support all these technologies and provide a consistent power source.

  • Cartier and the Court of Appeal: we like blocking injunctions!


    Submitted: 06 July 2016

    The UK’s world-leading blocking injunction jurisdiction has been given a thumbs up by the Court of Appeal, paving the way for further efforts by rights owners to block UK consumers’ access to copyright and trade mark infringing websites, including websites selling counterfeits.

  • The fast emerging legal risks of the FinTech boom Restricted access


    Submitted: 01 July 2016

    As the FinTech sector continues to grow rapidly in the UK, a number of legal risks are emerging which market participants will need to address. This event, which is part of London Technology Week, will cover a number of the areas in which these risks lie as specialist lawyers from different disciplines provide an overview of the issues faced and how to overcome these.

  • Cyber security in Germany: The new IT Security Act - and its relevance for the sectors IT, telecom, energy, water and food


    Submitted: 29 June 2016

    The German Cyber Security Act („IT-Sicherheitsgesetz“) came into force last year (25 July 2015), but was only recently, in May 2016, concretized by means of a national “Regulation on Critical Infrastructures” (Regulation).

61 to 70 of 568