Irish Government urges businesses to prepare for Brexit with 10 weeks to go

  • Submitted 22 August 2019
  • Applicable Law European Union , UK , Ireland
  • Topic Brexit

The Irish government has issued a reminder to businesses to prepare for Brexit, and has highlighted the following nine steps that businesses can take in advance of the UK’s departure:

  1. Understand the new rules for UK importing and exporting;
  2. Review your supply chain and UK market strategy;
  3. Be aware of possible changes to transport and logistics;
  4. Review all your certification, regulation and licencing;
  5. Review your contracts and data management;
  6. Ensure you are maximising Government Brexit programmes and supports;
  7. Manage your cash flow, currency and make sure your banking is in order;
  8. Protect and inform your staff; and
  9. Know more about the impact to your sector.

The government is concerned that businesses in the following six sectors have low levels of Brexit preparedness:

  1. Smaller businesses who may not realize they are trading with the UK;
  2. Construction businesses;
  3. Manufacturing companies;
  4. Agrifood businesses, particularly those in food production;
  5. Retail particularly independent shops, and hardware stores who source products from or through the UK.; and
  6. Hauliers.

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