Empowering productivity through gender equality

According to reports only 526 out of 9,000 employers required to publish their gender pay data by 04 April 2018 have done so already. It seems employers are either reticent or taking their time to consider not just the implications of the data to be reported but how best to present it internally and externally.

But the statistics and gaps are only a small part of the issues raised by these new requirements. The real skill and challenge is around the narrative published alongside the statistics and action plans.

We are hosting a panel discussion to examine what employers are saying and doing to improve gender diversity and their pay gaps. The panel will explore the practical measures organisations are taking, the communications and messaging supporting the pay data and how far mentoring, sponsorship and other positive action can be pursued legitimately and lawfully. We will also explore the future beyond gender pay reporting and the new focus on diversity reporting and actions from the corporate governance reforms.

External speakers

  • Emily Cox, Director of Public Affairs at Virgin Money, who led the "Gadhia Review" and is the co-author of the HM Treasury report "Empowering Productivity: Harnessing the Talents of Women in Financial Services" published in March 2016. Virgin Money has been vocal about the measures it has taken and the challenges made to its senior staff and managers

  • Sarah Gordon, Business Editor at the Financial Times, who is a leading commentator on the gender pay and talent gap in business, challenging businesses who have reported on their figures

  • Maria Campbell, Head of People at Monzo Bank, who has facilitated growing the company from 20 to 250 talented, caring Monzonauts in less than two years, as well as implementing fair and inclusive feedback, compensation, performance management and onboarding processes. Maria's intelligent, inclusive approach to the people lifecycle has contributed to developing Monzo's lauded culture

  • Claire Wells, Director, Legal & Business Affairs - EMEA at Circle, a blockchain company breaking boundaries in the FinTech sector. Claire is passionate about gender issues and has previous experience as in-house Legal Counsel at Lloyds Bank
Event contact

Holly Davies
Business Development Assistant

T +44 20 7825 4867 or
E Holly.Davies@Simmons-Simmons.com