Power Purchase Agreements - what to look for

You'll have the chance to hear from and put questions to legal, commercial and technical experts on what makes for bankable power purchase agreements and what to look for if buying into projects in developed or developing countries.
This session is aimed at infrastructure funds and private equity investors, as well as developers and energy industry professionals. We will cover key issues for those new to the area and latest trends for those already involved in transactions.

Speakers include:

  • Patrick Wallace - a Partner at Simmons & Simmons with 30 years of power project experience. Patrick also teaches on the subject as a visiting Professor at King’s College London.
  • Tim Bills-Everett - Managing Director at VicoBay Financial & Commercial Advisory Services. Tim currently advises on renewables transactions and has developed and financed projects in Europe, Latin America and Africa and sold interests in them to leading fund investors.


8:00 - 8:45 Registration & Breakfast
8:45 - 10:30 Session

Event contact

Sian Griffith
Senior Business Development Manager

T +44 20 7825 4341 or
E sian.griffith@simmons-simmons.com