Parallel Proceedings: Pathways to solutions

Managing the complexities when multiple actions are triggered by the same event is becoming increasingly complicated, and prevalent, and the route to a solution is rarely straightforward. Simmons & Simmons’ series on Parallel Proceedings aims to bring direction and structure to approaching these challenges.

Please join us for a panel discussion on Parallel Proceedings on Wednesday 6 February where, in the form of an interactive case study, we will look at the events and difficult strategic and procedural decisions companies must face when they are involved in an incident that is of interest to the SFO, other regulators and a civil claimant.

The 90 minute session will be led by our expert panel and will focus on the key issues and themes arising from the perspective of a corporate defendant, including:

  • how to assess and manage the interplay between conflicting or concurring issues
  • practical steps for mitigating future risk
  • salient points of law from recent cases.

Anonymous interactive polling will allow you - the audience - to shape the discussion, and learn what’s influencing or concerning other companies addressing similar challenges, whether proactively or reactively.

If you would like to attend, please email or telephone the contact listed below to register for this session.

Event contact

Sian Love
Senior Business Development Manager

T +44 20 7628 2070 or