Busting the Blockchain myth in healthcare

Blockchain is definitely the buzzword of the moment in the world of healthtech. There is a lot of excitement about the opportunity this technology presents for transforming how we deliver healthcare. Given the hype surrounding blockchain and the very early stages the NHS is in using the technology, it is up for debate how much of the “blockchain wave” will prove its worth in reality.

Join One HealthTech at Simmons & Simmons for an evening of fresh, thought-provoking discussion: we’ll consider how blockchain technology actually works, what its potential applications in healthcare are and how far the technology actually can go in revolutionising our healthcare system.

We will be running through a “Blockchain 101” (in 10 minutes!) before considering how it can be applied to the electronic patient record and what the implications are with the new GDPR, and then talking through some of its wider applications in the pharmaceutical industry and on genetic data.


18:00 - Arrival and registration

18:30 - Welcome from OHT team and Helen Disney, Founder and CEO Unblocked Events, our host for the evening

18:35 - Blockchain 101, by Rhian Lewis, Tech Consultant and Blockchain Specialist

18:45 - Blockchain and the EPR, by Natalie Furness, Communications Director, Medicalchain

18:55 - Active Break!

19:00 - Blockchain and the GDPR, by Lydia Torne, Managing Associate, Simmons & Simmons

19:10 - Blockchain, traceability and the pharma supply chain, by Imogen Bunyard, Chief Operations Officer and Co-founder, Qadre

19:20 - Blockchain and genetic data, by Rabia Khan, Exploratory Scientist

19:30 - Q&A

19:50 - Wrap up

20:00 - Networking

21:00 - Event closes