Insuring the Future: Challenges of Change

Beginning with an interactive panel discussion exploring the potential criminal, civil and regulatory implications of a malicious cyber incident, delegates will have the opportunity to attend a series of  seminar sessions on topics ranging from artificial intelligence and product liability, technology in construction, climate change issues and professional indemnity claims.

We will cover the impact of these challenges on different business lines and conclude with a keynote speech from Nick Leeson, the former derivatives broker famous for his role in the collapse of Barings Bank.


14:00-14:30 Registration and coffee
14:30-15:30 Welcome and panel discussion
15:30-17:00 Choice of seminars (see below)
17:00-17:30 Coffee break
17:30-18:30 Keynote presentation by Nick Leeson
18:30-19:30 Drinks reception

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Session information:

Panel Discussion

The Implications of a Corporate Crisis: Managing Multiple Claims in Parallel

In this opening session we explore the potential criminal, civil and regulatory implications of a malicious cyber incident and ensuing corporate crisis for insureds and insurers alike. We will discuss how to manage the impact of concurrent investigations and enquiries by police and regulatory authorities (including the imposition of fines), with a particular focus on the implications for insurers.

Seminar Sessions*

Keeping Up Technological Appearances

Artificial Intelligence and the development of new products are changing the legal landscape for insureds and insurers across multiple sectors. We consider key technological developments and how existing product liability policy wordings (amongst others) could be impacted by these changes.

Technology in Construction: Key Legal and Insurance Issues

Use of technology in the construction industry is increasing, with the use of drones, 3D printing, BIM and modular construction changing the landscape of legal liability for construction companies and professionals. We consider these developments and outline the impact for insurers, including policy coverage considerations.

Environmentally Friendly Conduct Rules - Corporate Sustainability

Climate change issues have created an atmosphere ripe for third party liability claims against both company directors and corporate insureds. We provide an overview of current and potential future regulatory and legal requirements and the impact on both professionals and entities who are subject to rules and regulations in relation to the environment and climate change.

The Innocent Insured

An insured professional may face claims even when largely innocent of any wrongdoing, which can be costly for insurers. We consider the liability and coverage implications of a series of increasingly common such scenarios, including where professionals find themselves the victim of fraud or a cyber incident.

Keynote Presentation: Nick Leeson

Nick Leeson will be known to some of you as the “rogue trader”, famous for his role in the collapse of Barings Bank in February 1995. More than two decades later, and in an era of increased financial regulation and scrutiny, the themes of risk, conduct, compliance, corporate governance, company culture, stress, mental health and wellbeing remain current. Nick Leeson uses his experiences to deliver a cautionary tale to audiences and offer his personal perspective into the current economy and the world today.

* Delegates will have the choice of 2 sessions
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