Exclusive panel discussion: Benefits of Active Treasury Management and Implementation Challenges for Regulatory Initial Margin

Our panel discussions will address the following:

Panel 1: Benefits of Active Treasury Management

This panel will explore the strategic importance of active treasury management, from funding philosophy to counterparty management. We will commence from a macro perspective and drill down into the evolution of structure, purpose, benefits and process. The panel will also explore how treasury creates sought-after treasury P&L while reducing counterparty risk exposure.

Panel 2: Regulatory initial margin – operational and legal challenges of implementation

With many buy-side firms about to be caught by the phasing-in of the regulatory initial margin requirements, the panel will discuss the impact of these regulations on collateral management, with specific emphasis on their experience of the practical challenges of implementation, from both an operational and legal perspective, including issues such as the calculation of standard initial margin and establishing new custodial relationships required under the new regulations.


  • Jordan O’Neill – Head of Treasury and Operations, Aspect Capital
  • Nick Steele - Managing Director, Barclays Investment Bank
  • Mark Higgins – Senior Product Manager, BNY Mellon
  • Fergus Pery – Global Head of Collateral Management, Citigroup
  • Rory McGregor – COO, EMSO
  • Dan Rosensweig – Head of Operations, GoldenTree Asset Management
  • Ross McDonald – IMD Product Strategy, Goldman Sachs
  • Gayla Mathis – Treasurer, HBK
  • Geoff Galbraith – Group COO, MAN
  • Allan Yip – Partner, Financial Services, Simmons & Simmons


  • Sameer Shalaby – President & CEO of Hazeltree
  • Craig Bisson – Partner, Financial Services, Simmons & Simmons
Event contact

Mayuri Dhanak
Business Development Executive

T +44 20 7825 4672 or
E mayuri.dhanak@simmons-simmons.com