Does clause 63.1 apply to assessing time as well as money and what are the consequences?

Clause 63.1 provides a dividing line between using the cost incurred and using a forecast of cost plus risk for future operations. Given that the compensation event process deals with all aspects of an event in one go does the dividing line established in 63.1 apply equally to delay caused by the event or is there some other mechanism that has to be used? If some other mechanism does that threaten the all-encompassing approach of compensation events?
  • Submitted 19 April 2017
  • Applicable Law UK , UK (England & Wales) , Hong Kong SAR , Singapore , United Arab Emirates , South Africa
  • Topic Construction
  • Sector Focus Energy and Infrastructure
  • Speaker Rob Horne, Ewen Maclean (Director, Blackrock pm), Jon Broom (Managing Consultant, Leading Edge Project Consulting), Ian Heaphy (Director, IN Construction Consulting)

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