Hot topics in competition - what is on the radar for 2016?

We pick out some of the diverse antitrust issues likely to be under the microscope during 2016 at EU level and in Belgium and the UK.


Our articles pick out some of the diverse antitrust issues likely to be under the microscope during 2016. We highlight two sectors - e-commerce and financial services - subject to particular attention, and two appeals against European Commission decisions worth keeping an eye out for. One of the hottest of topics in 2016 is likely to remain the rapidly changing landscape of antitrust damages actions - we identify a few of the salient issues. Finally, we outline a number of the enforcement concerns of the European Commission and competition authorities in the UK and Belgium and the European Commission’s vigorous interest in applying the State aid rules to tax rulings.

Overall, 2016 is shaping up to provide an intriguing mix of agency enforcement and litigation cases at both European and national level. It is not surprising that the European Commission is keen to ensure, for example, that all competition authorities within the European Competition Network have adequate powers and resources to handle large scale investigations, and that leniency programmes function efficiently. The Belgian Competition Authority’s focus on fine tuning its procedures fits well within this framework. For the UK, it will be a year in which the financial regulators settle into their concurrent competition law powers and the CAT settles more closely into its role at the heart of competition damages claims and injunction applications in the UK.

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Hot topics in competition 2016

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