Ten things you need to know about private enforcement

This article sets out ten of the key things to consider in the context of private actions for damages for antitrust infringements and actions to secure an injunction to halt anti-competitive behaviour across a range of EU jurisdictions.

Compensation claims for antitrust damages have proliferated over the past few years and are set to increase. Whatever the sector or industry, businesses involved in antitrust infringement proceedings in any jurisdiction must now inevitably factor in compensation claims. But private actions for antitrust damages are currently in a state of flux. Before the end of 2016, improved access to compensation must be in place across Europe for victims of antitrust infringements. National courts are already taking into consideration the changes that the EU Damages Directive will demand. In the meantime, individual EU jurisdictions rely on differing procedures.

What applies now? What will happen when the Damages Directive is in effect?

Our newly launched "Ten things you need to know … about private enforcement" highlights ten key aspects for clients to consider in strategic EU jurisdictions, whether as a defendant facing action or as a claimant contemplating litigation.

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