Newsflash - Luxembourg Company Law reform: three months until the deadline - is your company compliant?

​This article looks at steps companies should be taking before 24 August 2018, when the Luxembourg Company Law Reform Act transition period ends.

Nearly two years since the reform of Luxembourg Company Law (the Reform) enacted by the Act of 10 August 2016 (the Reform Act), the end of the transition period is fast approaching.

All Luxembourg companies, incorporated before the Reform Act entered into force, will be subject to the new mandatory provisions as from 24 August 2018.

This only leaves three months to assess whether or not articles of association, shareholder agreements or joint venture agreements are compliant with the amended Company Law and, if required, to proceed with the necessary amendments.

As the Reform was extensive and profoundly modernised Luxembourg Company Law, such assessment is essential - any contradictory provisions shall be deemed invalid and the new regime will automatically apply.

For more information regarding the Reform Act, please see our elexica article here.

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