Construction insights in Africa: A short comparative guide

Richard Dyton shares a comparative analysis on construction laws in western, eastern and southern African jurisdictions.

This article was originally published in the International Comparative Legal Guide to: Construction & Engineering Law 2017, published by Global Legal Group Ltd who have agreed to Simmons & Simmons making it available on elexica.

The following chapter represents a comparative analysis of laws in key African states where construction appears to be most prevalent.

We have picked jurisdictions in East Africa, West Africa and Southern Africa, which are the fastest growing regions at 4.9%, 4.5% and 2.7% growth, respectively. North African states, though not specifically covered in this chapter, such as Egypt and Algeria, have stabilised since the Arab Spring and the projects in those countries are increasing by 45% (value increasing by 195%) and so we continue to monitor the political situation and the consequent changes in legislation as the previous turmoil returns to normal. There is massive development potential on the African continent (as can be seen below from the analysis of activities and trends). While global macro-economic factors have meant projects are stalled in some jurisdictions, the overall trend from increasing urbanisation and the use of sovereign debt means the long-term overall approach is upwards and we have found increasing interest from investors in all of the 54 states within Africa where we have provided advice.

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