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  • A thoroughly modern approach to dealing with cyber fraud - CMOC v Person Unknown & 30 Others

    Blog Post

    Submitted: 09 October 2018

    The court granted a worldwide freezing order against persons unknown, and allowed the use of technology and social media in various innovative ways to manage the litigation.

  • Podcast 598: Business protection - What to do when it goes wrong

    Video Podcast

    Submitted: 19 June 2017

    Paul Baker and Dr Anne Sammon discuss the key factors in mitigating and addressing the risk when business assets such as confidential information or IP have been compromised.

  • Business protection: What to do when it goes wrong


    Submitted: 15 June 2017

    Materials from our webinar where Angus McLean, Paul Baker and Anna Shelley discussed what to do when key businesses assets such as confidential information, intellectual property or customer connections have been compromised.

  • Contract law update Restricted access


    Submitted: 18 May 2017

    In this session we look at recent developments in the law in relation to contractual interpretation, implied terms, and excluding indirect and consequential loss. We predict the death of implied contractual obligations of good faith, and consider the importance of governing law and choice of forum clauses, and the implications of Brexit for such clauses.

  • Disputes 2017: European Account Preservation Orders


    Submitted: 09 January 2017

    January 2017 will see the introduction of the European Account Preservation Order (EAPO) and, while the UK has not opted in, financial institutions with European operations will need to be ready.

  • Arbitration in 2017: Opting out of emergency arbitrator provisions


    Submitted: 05 January 2017

    Parties may need to amend their dispute resolution clauses to exclude emergency arbitrator provisions if they wish to go to the English courts for interim measures.

  • Governing Law, Jurisdiction and Enforcement Risk

    Cross Border Guide

    Last Reviewed: 05 September 2016 / Submitted: 30 September 2012

    A practical guide to drafting governing law and jurisdiction clauses and the inter-related issue of assessing enforcement risk in cross border contracts.

  • How to get yourself sued and maximise your liability Restricted access


    Submitted: 26 May 2016

    In this session we look at several areas of contractual risk for technology companies, and give drafting tips to reduce those risks.

  • Trends in digital health Restricted access


    Submitted: 26 May 2016

    This session explores the digital health sector as it currently stands - what digital health is, why it’s important, why investors should care, what Simmons & Simmons are seeing in the market-place and what the risks and challenges are, particularly for investors.

  • Injunction in an abuse of dominance case discharged after dominance claim proves untenable


    Last Reviewed: 20 January 2016 / Submitted: 20 August 2015

    The English High Court discharged the injunction granted once compelling evidence undermined the dominance claim.

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