UK employment law - future developments

Anticipated changes to employment law in England and Wales.

A monthly round up of anticipated changes to employment law in England.



25 January Second reading in House of Commons of Workers (Definition and Rights) Bill 2017-2019.  
31 January  Submissions close for the Women and Equalities Committee inquiry into non-disclosure agreements (NDA).  Further details are available here
Spring Government to asses and respond to the review into barriers for women in business. Further details are available here.
29 March  Expected commencement of Brexit transitional period. Further details available here.
04 April  Next Gender Pay Reporting deadline. Our microsite is available here.
06 April The Itemised Pay Statement Order comes into effect giving every employee the right to a written itemised pay statement at or before the time at which their wages or salary is made. Further details are available here
06 April Employer Class 1A NICs become payable on any element of termination payment that exceeds £30k.  Further details are available here.
06 April BEIS to have reviewed early conciliation regime.  
30 April BEIS to have reviewed flexible working regulations.  
09 December

Extension of SMCR to all FCA solo-regulated firms will commence.

Our microsite on the new regime is available here.
01 January onwards First round of Executive Pay Ratio reporting (for FYs from 01 January 2019).  
April The off-payroll working public sector rules will be extended to the private sector.  
April Introduction of Parental Bereavement Leave.  
April Employer Class 1A national insurance contributions on termination payments over £30,000 will be introduced.  
06 April

Good work plan implementations take effect, including:

  • annual leave calculation changes from 12 to 52 weeks
  • section 1 statements extended to workers and as a day 1 right for all
  • additional information in section 1 statement list
  • lower threshold for Information & consultation trigger
Further details are available here.
09 December SMCR - date by which initial certification process and training of conduct rule staff must have been concluded.  
31 December Expected end date of Brexit transitional period.  

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