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  • Working Relations October 2017


    Submitted: 20 October 2017

    A review of legal and general developments during July, August and September 2017 affecting working relations in England and Wales.

  • Brexit: the employment law implications


    Last Reviewed: 05 October 2017 / Submitted: 03 February 2016

    ​An overview of the possible implications of Brexit on employment law.

  • Les 5 Ordonnances Macron dévoilées: Une réforme majeure du droit du travail en France


    Submitted: 04 September 2017

    En 36 mesures, ces Ordonnances vont opérer une profonde rénovation du dialogue social, une sécurisation du coût des licenciements et une simplification des licenciements économiques.

  • The Five Macron Reforms unveiled: A major reform of labour law in France


    Submitted: 01 September 2017

    Macron's labour reforms will ensure more predictability and security for employers and more training for employees. With a total of 36 measures, the Reforms will result in profound changes to the dialogue between employers and employees, secure the costs of dismissals and ease redundancies.

  • UK employment law - future developments


    Last Reviewed: 22 August 2017 / Submitted: 01 February 2017

    Anticipated changes to employment law in England and Wales.

  • Enhanced Maternity Pay - Discrimination Against Men?


    Submitted: 18 August 2017

    ​Audrey Williams outlines the significance of the decision in Hextall v The Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police in light of conflicting decisions for employers looking to maintain higher levels of maternity pay than shared parental leave pay.

  • Employment 12 month review Restricted access


    Last Reviewed: 04 August 2017 / Submitted: 01 May 2010

    A useful resource originally designed for maternity returners, covering major legal developments in employment law in the last year.

  • Employment law reform in the UK - get ahead of the curve Restricted access


    Last Reviewed: 31 July 2017 / Submitted: 01 February 2017

    To help you stay ahead, this microsite brings together the key developments and we share with you our assessment of the likely impact of emerging initiatives.

  • Gender pay reporting: lessons from the BBC


    Submitted: 20 July 2017

    According to figures released by the BBC, two-thirds of its stars earning more than £150,000 are male and the top seven earners within the organisation are also male. These figures have attracted a great deal of media and political attention, but what do you do if you are an employer releasing data that shows this type of potential pay gap?

  • Working Relations July 2017


    Submitted: 17 July 2017

    A review of legal and general developments from February to June 2017 affecting working relations in England and Wales.

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