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  • MiFID2 Directive: Implications for HR & compensation and benefits


    Submitted: 02 November 2017

    This training session is to help HR and compensation and benefits professionals at MiFID firms to understand and implement the HR and compensation/benefits rules effectively.

  • Working Relations October 2017


    Submitted: 20 October 2017

    A review of legal and general developments during July, August and September 2017 affecting working relations in England and Wales.

  • Brexit: the employment law implications


    Last Reviewed: 05 October 2017 / Submitted: 03 February 2016

    ​An overview of the possible implications of Brexit on employment law.

  • Insurance Distribution Directive: final remuneration rules


    Submitted: 26 September 2017

    Changes affecting the remuneration policies and practices of Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) firms (broadly insurance firms, reinsurance firms and insurance intermediaries) which are due to take effect from 2018 Performance Year.

  • UK employment law - future developments


    Last Reviewed: 22 August 2017 / Submitted: 01 February 2017

    Anticipated changes to employment law in England and Wales.

  • Gender pay reporting: lessons from the BBC


    Submitted: 20 July 2017

    According to figures released by the BBC, two-thirds of its stars earning more than £150,000 are male and the top seven earners within the organisation are also male. These figures have attracted a great deal of media and political attention, but what do you do if you are an employer releasing data that shows this type of potential pay gap?

  • Working Relations July 2017


    Submitted: 17 July 2017

    A review of legal and general developments from February to June 2017 affecting working relations in England and Wales.

  • The Conservative and DUP deal - employment law implications


    Submitted: 29 June 2017

    An overview of the employment law implications following the General Election 2017.

  • Germany - bonuses


    Submitted: 27 June 2017

    As part of the European employment law conference, this session covers increasing importance of bonuses, trends in case law and increasing regulatory restrictions.

  • Remuneration - equality Restricted access


    Last Reviewed: 27 April 2017 / Submitted: 31 March 2015

    Welcome to elexica's Remuneration - equality resource designed to help employers ensure equality in remuneration and manage the risk of pay related sex discrimination claims.

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