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  • German Federal Network Agency publishes key elements of additional security requirements for telecom networks & data processing systems


    Submitted: 08 March 2019

    German Federal Network Agency publishes key elements of additional security requirements for telecom networks and data processing systems.

  • EU Commission's proposals for fair taxation of the digital economy


    Last Reviewed: 08 November 2018 / Submitted: 26 March 2018

    The EU Commission has proposed two directives to reform the taxation of digital businesses operating in the EU, including an interim 3% tax on certain digital revenues and a long term proposal to recognise a “significant digital presence” for tax purposes based on a local user base.

  • “No Deal” Brexit: Impact on the TMT sector


    Submitted: 02 October 2018

    An overview of the UK Government's technical notices on the impact of "no deal" which are particularly relevant to the TMT sector.

  • Cold-calls by claims management companies put on ice by new legislation

    Blog Post

    Submitted: 12 September 2018

    This post looks at a recent change in the law, which looks likely to spell the end for unsolicited calls about PPI and accident claims.

  • Taxation of the digital economy: further developments


    Last Reviewed: 21 December 2017 / Submitted: 25 September 2017

    The EU Commission and the OECD have both released published documents designed to move forward the debate on the taxation of the digital economy.

  • Taxation of the digital economy


    Submitted: 21 September 2017

    EU Finance Ministers will continue to discuss options for the taxation of the digital economy, including the option of a turnover tax.

  • Business protection: Practical tips


    Submitted: 08 June 2017

    Materials from our webinar where Anna Shelley and Róisín Murphy discussed the practical ways in which businesses can protect their key assets1

  • Business protection: The basics


    Submitted: 19 May 2017

    ​Materials from our webinar where Simmons & Simmons partners Andrea Finn and Angus McLean discussed the basics of business protection including risk factors and potential breaches, the business assets at risk and how best to protect these.

  • Can your most valuable assets walk out of the door? Restricted access


    Submitted: 18 May 2017

    To a large extent, the security of your business is in the hands of those individuals who have access to information, strategy and staff. Managing the risk caused by the natural movement of people into and out of a business, or by negligent or rogue employees, is something that all organisations need to grapple with. This session focuses on some of the practical and legal steps that businesses can take to mitigate the risks arising from today’s increasingly flexible, mobile and global workforce.

  • Podcast 577: Impact of Brexit on the Telecoms sector

    Video Podcast

    Submitted: 21 December 2016

    Alex Brown, Global Head of TMT at Simmons & Simmons and Chris West, Global Head of Telecoms at Grant Thornton discuss the impact of Brexit on the Telecoms sector six months on from the June announcement.

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