New European thresholds for public procurement procedures

T​he European Commission published new European thresholds for public procurement procedures. In Belgium, these thresholds have been implemented by a Ministerial Decree of 21 December 2017 and are applicable as of 01 January 2018.

The new thresholds vary depending on the type of contract, as well as the awarding authority.

The following amounts need to be taken into account as of 01 January 2018:

For public works 5.225.000,00 => € 5.548.000,00
For concessions (Public works and services) 5.225.000,00 => €  5.548.000,00
For public supplies and services:    
  • Centain central authorities *this amount is also the threshold for Belgian publications
135.000,00 => € 144.000,00
  • Other (decentralized) authorities
209.000,00 => € 221.000,00
  • Specific sectors (utilities sectors)
418.000,00 => € 443.000,00
  • Defence and security sector
418.000,00 => € 443.000,00

In addition, a first repair Royal Decree will probably be published early this year, by which already the first modifications to the new public procurement rules will be implemented. These modifications mainly concern changes to the RD Execution of 14 January 2013 and the RD Awarding of 18 April 2017.

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