Digital Fusion

How smart collaborations will drive the healthcare revolution

We asked 441 business leaders and investors how they plan to become the disruptors, not the disrupted, in a new world of healthcare.

They told us that they will adopt increasingly innovative and complex collaborations that will break sector boundaries, empower patients and redesign business models.

Discover what the future holds for digital health convergence, the key barriers that will stop many from realising their goals, and our eight-step guide on how to forge smart collaborations that transform patient care and drive long-term value.

Understanding what the future holds for digital health collaboration and investment will be a key driver of success for companies and investors operating in the healthcare space.

 Throughout the survey, and our content, we define digital health broadly to cover the use of digital technologies for:

Brainhealthcare processes, including clinician support software, healthcare institution management tools, patient records, and remote patient interaction and monitoring;

Brainlife sciences processes, including big data analytics for drug discovery, clinical trial management, and disease population purposes; and

Braincomplementary patient-centric tools, including condition, treatment or wellness- related apps or social media and medication adherence tools.

The phrase ‘digital health collaborations’ refers to commercial arrangements or corporate ventures between distinct organisations with the objective of realising an opportunity related to digital health.

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