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  • 收购德国高科技公司


    Submitted: 15 March 2018


  • Investeren in vastgoed: in stenen of aandelen?


    Event date: 27 March 2018

    Beleggers en investeerders kunnen op verschillende manieren investeren in Nederlands vastgoed. Direct in stenen maar ook via aandelentransacties. Een keuze die wordt bepaald door het type investering en die consequenties heeft voor onder andere de aanpak, financiering en closing van een vastgoedtransactie. Dat vraagt tegenwoordig om zowel brede, als gespecialiseerde kennis op het gebied van Real Estate M&A.

  • Freedom of establishment and fiscal unity


    Last Reviewed: 08 March 2018 / Submitted: 26 October 2017

    The ECJ has held that Dutch rules restricting deductions for interest on a related party borrowing for investment in a foreign subsidiary are contrary to EU law.

  • Conduct of claims clauses and privilege


    Submitted: 05 March 2018

    ​A recent High Court judgments suggests that a party controlling litigation pursuant to a "conduct of claims" clause in an SPA cannot benefit from litigation privilege.​

  • Acquiring German high tech companies


    Submitted: 01 March 2018

    The following remarks intend to provide a first quick overview on the revised investment review procedure under the Außenwirtschaftsverordnung and its consequences for transactions especially in the German TMT sector.

  • Court of Appeal refuses to adjust bad bargains for a licensor and an assignee of IP rights


    Submitted: 07 February 2018

    This article looks at two recent Court of Appeal decisions on the interpretation of IP agreements which have shared the Supreme Court’s caution to apply a business common sense to contractual interpretation, instead opting for a strict literal interpretation where the meaning of a term is clear.

  • Notifying claims under a tax deed and warranties


    Submitted: 26 January 2018

    The Court of Appeal has held that where a notice requires the “grounds” of the claim to be specified, it is necessary to specify the particular warranties and particular provisions of the tax deed which are relied upon for the notice to be valid.

  • Recent UK Takeover Code developments


    Submitted: 24 January 2018

    ​A look at recent changes to the UK Takeover Code.

  • UK Takeover Code Changes: statements of intention effective 08 January 2018


    Submitted: 17 January 2018

    An overview of the Takeover Code rule changes in RS 2017/2.

  • UK Takeover Code Changes: asset sales by an offeree company and certain other matters effective 08 January 2018


    Submitted: 17 January 2018

    ​An overview of the changes in RS2017/1.

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