navigator: funds

navigator: funds covers the key issues which are relevant to entities looking to offer foreign funds (which have not been registered for public distribution in the jurisdiction) to local investors on a cross border basis.

Available online on a subscription basis, the service currently covers over 105 jurisdictions and is based on information provided by local counsel that is reviewed and updated regularly, and has been critically analysed by our team of dedicated navigator lawyers.

navigator: funds helps you to know...

  • what fund promotion activities can be carried out (and to whom) without: (i) triggering
    a licensing requirement for the marketing entity; and/or (ii) a registration/notification
    requirement for the fund;

  • if and how it is possible to respond to a reverse enquiry from a potential investor
    without triggering licensing requirements or fund registration/notification requirements;
  • if there is there specific selling restriction language that must/ought to be used in any
    marketing materials;

  • if there is any difference between the local treatment of open-ended and closed-ended

  • whether the offering and provision of discretionary investment management or advisory
    activities to investors in the jurisdiction trigger licensing requirements and/or other risks.


If you would like to know more about subscribing to navigator, please contact Kayleigh Gowen-Smith.