navigator: share disclosure

Available online on a subscription basis, the service currently covers over 100 jurisdictions and is based on information provided by local counsel that is reviewed and updated regularly, and has been critically analysed by our team of dedicated navigator lawyers.

navigator: share disclosure helps you to know...

  • what the major shareholding disclosure regime looks like in the jurisdiction. Information includes the thresholds for triggering disclosures, the financial instruments that need to be included in the threshold calculation, the methodology for calculating the shareholding including key information on available exemptions and the requirement to aggregate holdings (including for funds and their managers). „
  • what practical steps need to be considered when making a filing. For example, where available, links to the relevant disclosure forms are provided together with information about how, when and where to submit filings.
  • what restrictions apply to short selling in the jurisdiction. Including information about trading restrictions/prohibitions (permanent and temporary rules) as well as whether any disclosure obligations apply in relation to permitted short selling. „
  • what, if any, additional major shareholding disclosures need to be made in a takeover situation and the level at which a mandatory bid for the issuer would be triggered.
  • when might other industry specific restrictions (ie in relation to sensitive industries) or foreign investment restrictions kick in and what impact might they have on trading activities/plans.


If you would like to know more about subscribing to navigator, please contact Kayleigh Gowen-Smith.