Brexit: the implications for M&A and corporate

Mergers & acquisitions (M&A)

Brexit is unlikely to have a major impact on share sale transactions unless they are affected by competition regulation, as they are typically not subject to much EU law or regulation. Asset and business sales including employees are likely to be affected if the regulations which protect the rights of employees on a business transfer are affected.

Sale and purchase agreements will, however, have to be reviewed to ensure any references to the EU and EU legislation still work and that clauses such as termination, governing law and jurisdiction are not affected.

Any proposed acquisition of a UK public company is governed by the rules of the UK Takeover Code. The Code implemented the EU Takeovers Directive and changes are necessary as that directive will cease to apply in the UK after Brexit. However, as the Code contains a large number of UK specific rules it will continue substantially in the same format.

Brexit is also unlikely to have a major effect on UK company law as this is an area of EU law which is largely left to individual member states to regulate. It could, however, affect the ability of UK-based companies to use European company structures.

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