Simmons & Simmons PRIIPs Solutions

The PRIIPs Regulation introduces a new mandatory key information document (KID) for packaged retail and insurance-based investment products from 31 December 2016. The KID will be a three page legal document giving key facts to investors within a highly prescribed form and content which will need to be regularly updated and distributed to investors in a prescribed timeframe.

Who is looking after your KIDs?

Simmons & Simmons has extensive experience with similar documents for our UCITS clients, including banks and fund managers. Our UCITS KIID production factory produces, manages and maintains over 10,000 UCITS KIIDs for a number of clients on a continuous basis. We provide a legally robust and technologically advanced document production and maintenance service. In addition, we have extensive experience with similar key information documents (e.g. the Produktinformationsblatt (PIB) in Germany).

As a result, we believe we are well placed to assist you with your PRIIPs KID requirements.

S&S software solutions

S&S KID Generation Tool  S&S Full Software Solution 
Key features

For lower volume requirements, we provide a software document production tool based on a simple online questionnaire

The S&S KID Generation Tool will produce the draft KID based on a series of questions completed online by the client

User-friendly straightforward approach

Final KID distributed to client or other chosen party automatically for sign-off

Capacity to produce, manage and maintain high volumes of KIDs with ease

Automated system makes it easy to create and amend huge numbers of documents with one click

Fast and streamlined approach

Final KID can be distributed automatically to client or other chosen party from the S&S Full Software Solution

S&S interfaces directly with the software solution provider on your behalf

Roles and responsibilities charter provided

In addition, the S&S KID Generation Tool and the S&S Full Software Solution both offer: 

  • S&S as your single point of contact, interfacing directly with foreign counsel and other service providers as required
  • S&S strategic input on managing your KID implementation process
  • Translation into languages using a market leading translation firm. Compliance and monitoring functionality information kept on file for future use.

S&S advisory solutions

We would be delighted to talk to you about other ways in which we can assist you with your KID manufacturing, maintenance and provision requirements.

Our advisory solutions include:

  • bespoke template PRIIPs KIDs
  • drafting guides based on the latest guidance
  • bespoke wording for key sections of the KID
  • glossaries which distil complex terms into plain language
  • risk menus tailored to reflect the risks relevant to you

We are of course also happy to advise you regarding any queries relating to PRIIPs KIDs.

Next steps

We would be delighted to assist you in one or more of these areas. If you would like to see a demonstration of our KID generation system, or discuss how we might work together to solve your KID generation needs, please get in touch with either Penny Miller, Neil Simmonds or Catherine Weeks or your usual Simmons & Simmons contact.

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