SMCR Extension - toolkit

What is SMCR Extension - toolkit?

Simmons & Simmons SMCR Extension toolkit was developed in response to client demand for cost-effective, practical and user-friendly templates and guidance on how to comply with the extension of the Senior Managers and Certification Regime to all FCA regulated firms.


The cost of the service reflects its value, in particular to smaller financial services firms, and the sharing of the benefits of scale with our clients.

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Templates and guidance

Designed to meet the needs of Management, Compliance, HR and Legal, the guidance and templates available cover the key regulatory and employment issues which are relevant for all firms having to comply with the Senior Managers and Certification Regime following its extension.

These include:

Mapping existing staff

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Senior Managers
    • How to identify Senior Managers
    • Writing a Statement of Responsibility and example statements
    • Responsibility map and example maps
    • Grandfathering application and example
    • New Senior Manager application and example
    • Notice of change of terms and conditions of employment
    • Indemnity language
    • Tax issues
    • Training deck
Notified NEDs
    • How to identify Notified NEDs
    • Notification and example
    • Notice of change of terms and conditions of appointment
    • Training deck
Certified Persons
    • How to identify Certified Persons
    • Writing a job description and example
    • Notice of change of terms and conditions of employment
    • Tax issues
    • Training deck
Conduct Regime Staff
    • How to identify Conduct Regime Staff
    • Notice of change of terms and conditions of employment
    • Training deck

Policies & processes

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    • Recruitment process
Certification / Recertification process and criteria
    • Certification process
    • Certification - In house Form A
    • Certification - sample certification
    • Annual process (recertification and Senior Managers)
    • Promotion process
Senior Manager handover
    • Senior Manager handover policy
    • Handover Certificate
Annual review
    • Annual review of responsibility map
Reporting conduct breaches
    • Identifying and reporting conduct breaches policy

Documentation (including templates)

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    • Handbook updates
    • Offer letter updates
    • Contract updates
    • Settlement agreement updates
    • Leavers letter updates
    • Promotion letter updates
    • Acting up letter updates
    • D&O insurance language update


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Whistleblowing policy
    • Whistleblowing policy - sample policy
    • Whistleblowing policy - how to amend your own policy
Whistleblowers' champion
    • Whistleblowers' champion - note of responsibilities
Training decks
    • Training deck - employees
    • Training deck - managers
    • Training deck - HR/Compliance


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    • References procedure
Sample references
    • References - sample references

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