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  • European Legal Update for US Fund Managers Restricted access

    Submitted: 24 April 2017

    Our inaugural European Legal Update offers our clients the opportunity to hear about topical issues relevant to US fund managers, with or without a European office, who operate, trade or market in Europe.

  • Regulated people: Introduction to the Extension of SM&CR

    Submitted: 20 April 2017

    This recording and notes give a practical overview of the key points from the seventh conference call in our popular series on regulated people.​​

  • Preventing and successfully resolving disputes in the waste industry

    Submitted: 19 April 2017

    ​This webinar is part of a series, presented in partnership with Ricardo Energy & Environment’s waste management and planning experts. This session looked at problems and disagreements during waste facility construction and commissioning, which occur frequently and can lead to disputes between parties, sometimes multiple parties, that can be time consuming, costly to resolve and sometimes damaging to the public image and reputation of those involved.

  • Does clause 63.1 apply to assessing time as well as money and what are the consequences? Restricted access

    Submitted: 19 April 2017

    Clause 63.1 provides a dividing line between using the cost incurred and using a forecast of cost plus risk for future operations. Given that the compensation event process deals with all aspects of an event in one go does the dividing line established in 63.1 apply equally to delay caused by the event or is there some other mechanism that has to be used? If some other mechanism does that threaten the all-encompassing approach of compensation events?

  • What happens when the Project Manager doesn't reply properly either to a notification or a quotation? Restricted access

    Submitted: 19 April 2017

    There are a number of stages that a compensation event needs to pass through before it becomes implemented under the contract. Is it possible for the PM to de-rail the process by refusing to engage in it? If there is a lack of engagement what happens ideally and practically?

  • Do the 63.7 assumptions work in practice? Restricted access

    Submitted: 19 April 2017

    Clause 63.7 allows the Project Manager to give some working assumptions to the contractor where there is not enough detail available for a proper quotation for a compensation event. Are assumptions often given and if they are do they help the contractor or just cover the PM?

  • Two key Supreme Court decisions for solicitors and their professional indemnity insurers Restricted access

    Submitted: 05 April 2017

    ​Felix Zimmermann and Olivia Darlington recently held a client call providing an overview of the key issues arising out of two Supreme Court judgments.

  • Which of compensation events are most common and which are most often wrongly claimed? Restricted access

    Submitted: 04 April 2017

    The compensation event mechanism is intended to be a sole remedy under the contract. The list of what can be a compensation event therefore has to be all encompassing. Despite that breadth are there trends, in particle, for which ones are most common and are there particular events which rarely seemed to be claimed properly?

  • How do the time bars in 61.3 operate and do they sit well with the 10.1 spirit of trust and cooperation obligation? Restricted access

    Submitted: 04 April 2017

    ​61.3 provides that, for certain compensation vents, if the contractor does not notify them within 8 weeks of becoming aware of them it will lose the right to a change in the total of the prices and the completion date. That doesn’t sound very much like mutual trust and cooperation does it? Is it appropriate to have time bars in this contract and do they work?

  • Compensation Events tie together all contractual consequences of certain events, does that really work? Restricted access

    Submitted: 04 April 2017

    The theory behind compensation events in the NEC is to take an event and deal with all of its consequences and how all parties have dealt with it in one go. Does that produce a better result or just a more complicated process? Is it really any different to other contacts in any event.

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